Monday, March 1, 2021

Coat of Many Colors

 Hello friends, long time no see!  Yeah no excuses I was just done with the crafting world for a while...  can’t promise to be back regularly but will post what I make when I make it!  I started quilting in the past couple of years and love it.  Recently I started doing art quilts.  

I posted a picture of a quilt I did on Instagram and Facebook a couple of months ago and a friend saw it and asked if I could make her a quilt for her art cottage in Ireland!!  We discussed what she wanted and came up with a plan and this is the result.  It’s based off of Dolly Parton’ s song Coat of Many Colors and I love how it turned out!!  

This is the color inspiration photo she sent me.
I used Batik fabric for the coat centerpiece with some grunge fabric as the background.

This is the backing, I thought of using it as soon as I saw the inspiration photo, because it reminded me of the water!

I then used some of the other fabrics I used on the front to make an after quilt, which is just a pieced backing!!

I free motioned quilted it using a pattern I call river ripples.  I love this and know my friend Laurie will as well!!  Maybe one day I can go visit it in Ireland!!


DJ'S Quilting said...

💗 Looks great! 💗She'll be very happy with it I'm sure 😀

Laurieleann said...

I’m so in love with my new quilt! I could not be happier with her ... she’s gorgeous! Thank you for the thought, effort, and love you’ve put into my very special piece, Kelli. I will forever treasure this beautiful work of art 🥰