Friday, April 16, 2010

Soot Stamping Tutorial using Bombshell Stamps!

Hello my lovelies,  this month the montly Bombshell asked us to make a project without using patterned paper, or making our own! Here are the guidelines for the challenge!

The creation can be a card, layout or altered item, but must:

1. use a Bombshell Stamp somewhere
2. incorporate a handmade background using bombshell stamps (no preprinted patterned papers)
3. post a photo of your creation in this thread!

There is still time to participate in this challenge! For complete details please look here!

The stamp set I chose to use is called Mans Ruin and you can find it at Bombshell Stamps. Now on to the tutorial!

Soot Stamping
Materials needed:
Glossy white cardstock
Stamp or stamps of your choice
Acrylic Sealer (not shown)
Dye Ink(optional)*

Step 1: Light your candle!
Step 2: Take the cardstock, holding it by the edges. With glossy side down, wave the cardstock across the candle flame, until you get the look you desire!  BE CAREFUL NOT TO BURN YOURSELF!!Do not touch the soot with your fingers as they will take to soot off of the paper and leave your fingerprints.
Step 3: Take your stamp or stamps and press image into soot. If using the same image more than once be sure to clean it after each use!**
close up of the resutls
Step 4: Spray with acrylic sealer after stamping is completed!
*I used Tim Holtz Fire Brick Red Distress Ink.
** I used a damp paper towel to stamp the image on after each use.
(optional) if you want a colored background...apply one or more dye inks with a brayer to the glossy side of the cardstock, then follow directions above.

Here is my finished project!


Alison said...

That is flippin' awesome! What a cool rpoject! I have to try that technique!

Cheryl Valadez said...

Wow! I love this technique and the results are amazing! What a beautiful card!

CraftyMomOf2 said...

just AMAZING!!! love this!!!!!

Kathi said...

Wow. That technique is hot! (pun intended) I'd likely set myself on fire, but you got amazing results. I also love how you colored the Bombshell.

Great work!

Nicole Maki said...

What an incredible background. Glossy cardstock is hard to find but you can do such cool things with it.

Well done.

Bombshell Stamps said...

This is amazing Kelli!!! You are so freaking creative!