Sunday, September 26, 2010

Smeared and Smudged End of Term DT Blog Hop

So sadly it's coming to the end of a wonderful term with some wonderful ladies.  I am sad to see some of them go but gladly welcome the newbies into the fold.  We didn't just want our wonderful ladies who are leaving us to just slip out the door unnoticed (as if) so we gave a very unique challenge to them.  The challenge is to use 3 different sets to create one amazing project! You can use as many images as you'd like, but you need to use images from at least three different sets!  Now as you know Smeared Ink has some freaking awesome sets going on! So I just couldn't wait for this project.  Unfortunately the original project I wanted to do couldn't be completed without a set I am waiting on.  So I had to switch gears late in the game and come up with a new one.  I quite honestly have to say I am loving it!!!  You will be seeing the original during the 31 days of Halloween.

How or should I say What does your garden grow?

Isn't that just the sickest garden you have ever seen?  I would totally have one of these growing around my house if I could!

Now the sets, I have used are Carnies, Grumpies, and Killer Bo Peep.  I think they go well together.  The colors were chosen by my sister while we were on the phone today.  She had no idea why I was asking her to name some colors that she thought looked good together and seeing as she is 1200 miles away she couldn't just come on over and pick them out!!!  I think she did an awesome job! Thanks SISTAH!!
Now off you go to see what everyone else has created! 

Come on over to Smeared and Smudged to find out how to join our 31 days of Halloween celebration!


blackdragon said...

What a garden! I love this Kelli, great idea and brilliantly done.
I look forward to seeing your original idea very soon.
love lynx

~Lady B~ said...

What a twisted garden! I love it! Great job of combining the sets!

Danielle said...

Totally sick garden Kelli!!
Unfortunately, my garden does look like that. My poor plants are dead, and pleanty of gross fungus mushrooms are in there. sigh..
Your garden is full of vibrant color!! And I wish I had skull faced flowers!!
Wonderful job!!

Alison said...

This was a great idea! I think it turned out awesome!!! I wish I had skull faced flowers too!!! Really clever project! Can't wait to see the original idea.

CraftyMomOf2 said...

this is freaking PHENOMENAL Kelli!!!! totally fierce girl!!! the colors are amazing!! love love it!!! so glad to continue working with you!!!


Jane said...

Hi Kelli Your card is amazing colouring is perfect and I just love the gumpies
Luv Jane xxxx

Kathi said...

Such a fun and colorful garden. But why wouldn't it be when it's nurtured with accordion music and cigarette ashes? :D

If people can have gnomes in their garden, they should be able to have Grumpies too. Ooooh. There's an idea...

Anyways, cool card. I loves it!

Croms' Cubby Hole said...

Love it. As others have said before me - why not!!!!!
Helen xx

KC said...

OMG I love that garden! its perfectly creepy! this is just such an awesome idea! way to go!

Terra said...

Ha ha! I love it!! You know she's looking over her garden, saying "fricking grumpies, get out of my flowers!!!"
tee hee

tori said...

I love your garden and all the creepies playing in it!! Great job!