Thursday, June 2, 2011

Part 2 of Franks adventures in Wonka Ville!!!

Hello Lovelies, Last time we visited Frank he was super stoked, bubbly, and starry eyed about opening his very own chocolate factory!  As we join him now, everything is still going great. You might even say everything is Sunshine and Rainbows!!!

He’s popping out candy and goodies like there is no tomorrow!  As a matter of fact, he is number 1 on the new Chocolate factory lists!!!  That’s a huge honor! 

I mean just look at him, you can almost see this old monster smile!!!

He is even so happy that he has joined in on the fun over at the Haunted Design House  where they have a challenge going on…It’s all about EMO and he decided to do it big… E=edges(punched) M=Monster of course, O=Orange.  Now Frank could have just made a card with orange in it but he loves all his friends over at HDH so much that he went out and painted himself orange!!! That’s love!!!

Anyway, everything is going great at the factory and Frank here's the news that the head candy man himself is coming for a visit!!!  When he get’s there Frank is giving a tour when the head candy man says they need to have a talk…..

Tune in Sunday for part 3!!!

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DonnaMundinger said...

Kelli, this is so freakin' cool! LOVE the bright colors and fab background. Thanks for playing along with our EMO challenge at HDH. I'm loving the story. When's the next chapter? xxD

Andrea C said...

I love that frankie's monster, very cool. Great project x

Alison said...

Bwahahaha! Too funny! Fab card. He looks great in orange! Great use of your punch too!

Rosa Witten said...

Sooo funny! That background is awesome. I knew I should have gotten that crackle punch. Looking forward to the next part of the story.

Sparkly Engineer said...

Love the happy Frankie.

Anonymous said...

LOL i THOUGHT AT FIRST THESE WERE eASTER eGGS! When I realised they were skulls it made to whole thing so much cooler! Great page :O)

Anonymous said...

PS I was talking about the bracelet there - darn thing cut off the beginning of the comment (though it may have been my typing at fault!)

Susan's crafty chaos said...

LOL! This is wonderful, please tell Frank that we love him right back! Thanks so much for playing along with our EMO challenge at HDH :D

amie said...

you have one MAD