Tuesday, August 2, 2011

"Varying Visages of Vincent"

Hello Again everyone.... Today I am sharing with you a charm/pocket watch/jewelry peice that I made using a tutorial I got from Susan.  Now, I know mine is no where as good as her's and I know what I did wrong, but honestly I am working on it!!! 

Anyway the HDH challenge this week is:
Ok, macabre fans... this week marks HDH's 100th challenge! I can't believe it... who knew there were so many creeptastically cool people out there?! Thanks to everyone for tuning in and having fun with this little ol' blog :)

So, to celebrate this milestone, we're going to do a few things different this week >;) The general list of rules still apply (see sidebar), so be sure to follow them to be considered for the coveted Gruesome Twosome & Master of the Macabre titles!
Did you know that Vincent Price would've been 100 this year?!
Yes, so it is divine providence that this week's challenge is:
"Varying Visages of Vincent"
(translates to: the many faces of Vinny)
You are to create a dark, Gothic, or Halloween-based art piece
that is inspired by the TRUE Master of the Macabre, Vincent Price.
A movie, character, poem, narration, song or quote... anything that the great Vincent Price has touched can be used for inspiration. You can find more info here

So this is what I came up with...
Yes that is Vincent!!!

Here is a close up, see not as good but I think pretty damn ok for my first attempt...Just sayin!
Yep, he's a little 3-D also!


Creepy Glowbugg said...

Brilliant! And how daring of you to attempt Susan's tutorial. I am still a novice on the editing, but you did it wonderfully!
Thanks for joining us on this Macabre Monday challenge!

Andrea C said...

Absolutely superb work on this. Thanks for playing along with our 100th challenge at Haunted Design House x

Sparkly Engineer said...

This is fantastic. I am awed by your first attempt.

Susan's crafty chaos said...

This is WONDERFUL!!!!!! Love, love, love it! Thanks so much for playing along with our 100th challenge and sharing this glorious creation :D

ike said...

Truly AWESOME - you are a GENIUS
Ike xx

DonnaMundinger said...

WOW, Kelli! Look at this! Fabulous work. I'm too timid to even attempt that tut. Thanks for joining the Minions this week and good luck. xxD

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this Kelly. Totally Awesome!

Anonymous said...

Great pendant. Amazing work.

Alison said...

Wowzers! This is freakin' fantastic!!! I want it! It's awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~Lady B~ said...

Kelli...for real? This frickin' rocks it hard! Love it!

Susan said...

Fantastically creepy!