Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Beyond The Burtonesque Dolls Challenge!

Hello Lovelies,   Today I have for you a creation I made for the Beyond the Burtonesque Challenge Blog!  Our challenge this week is Scary Kids.  Yep that’s right, kids can be scary and we want to see your scary kids!!!  I have this image and I can’t remember where it came from or when I got it!  I am sorry to whom ever created her cause she is great and I wish I could give you credit for her!  If anyone knows please let me know so I can credit the artist!  Anyway she is just wicked sweet and the image itself is scary in a doll head cut off kinda way, but when you use two of her that’s just down right wrong, in a wicked sweet kinda way!!!
I used the movie, The Shining, for my inspiration for this project.  Here is my inspiration photo…
They look like innocent little girls in this picture, but if you have ever seen the movie, you know they are anything but innocent!!!  If you haven’t seen the movie please do!  If you like scary movies and or Steven King you will love this movie!
Here is my project….
Isn’t that image awesome!!!  I love her, and all I know about her is that her name is Gretchen!!! 
I hope you have enjoyed my little foray into scary kids today and I hope that you come over to the Beyond the Burtonesque Doll challenge blog!  We Dolls would love to see what you have created and what you think a scary kid is!!!!

I have some news for you also! The Beyond the Burtonesque Dolls challenges are now bi-weekly!!! WOOO HOOO that gives you plenty of time to participate!!!


FitterTwit said...

OMGosh... this is PERFECT!!! Your project is SOOOOO right on!!!

Susan's crafty chaos said...

Oh, it's killing me; I know I've seen this image somewhere but I can't find it at all :(
Great card, and perfect for those creepy twins in the film!

Susan's crafty chaos said...

Yay, I found her! She's from Tellen's Place Designs, which was one of the first companies I checked out earlier but they no longer seem to sell her, so she didn't show up in the shop and I had to go searching older blog posts. Mystery solved! :D