Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bombshell Blog Hop

It's February 29th! So of course our wonderful Bombshell hop leader Alison just had to challenge us to do something with the word "leap" in it! So what's the challenge? "Leap into Action!" What's it mean? It means she wants you to make your Bombshells into heroes. Now think about it...think about all of the different types of heroes there are. Firemen, policemen, super heroes, and advocates.
Here were some ideas that she thought of.
-Use the "To the Rescue Bombshell" digis which feature firefighter, police woman and nurse costumes. All of these would work!
-Use Retro Cowgirl for some bull-slingin' action! Have your cowgirl save the day!
-Dress up any of your Bombshells like superheroes! Throw a cape and mask on 'em and help them beat the bad guys!
-Use your Bombshells as advocates for a group. For example, dressing your Bombshell up in pink and make a breast cancer awareness card
-You can even go completely opposite of the challenge, and use "Rise & Shine." To make up a funny quote about not leaping or going anywhere.

When I first heard the theme and saw all of Alison’s ideas I thought for sure I would make a card of something.  Alas I sat down to start working on it and a card is not what came out of my hands!!!  I thought,  ok what does this mean to me.  I thought of my brother who is a fire fighter and to me a hero.  I thought of my husband who served in the military for 21 years and spent more time away from his family than with us!  He is my hero.  My children are hero’s also, not just because they are my children but because they grew up without a father more than with and still turned out rather awesome!!!  I thought of my mommy, a hero in her own right, beautiful, brave, and fought to the very end a hard fight against a cancer that would end her life.  She is my hero.  It all kept coming back to hero for me.  Every category that is mentioned above eventually ends in hero for some…. So this is what came out of my hands for this project…
I used the beautiful rose from Rose’s Portrait to represent my mommy! 
I used the Sugar Daddy from the Sugar Daddy set for my son but can’t find that picture… I used the Butterfly Queen to represent my beautiful daughter!!
I used Pinstripes to represent my brother the fireman…
I used the Ship from the Homeward Bound set to represent my hubby that served in the military!
I used a heart from Sacred Heart Art to represent the love I have for them all!
I am so excited to see what this month's Hop crew has come up with. We've got some newbies in the mix this month, so please be sure to visit everyone and give 'em some love. Here is the full hop list.

Now go get hoppin'! Have a fabulous day!


GlitteryKatie said...

Great project Kelli!!! Full of inky goodness!!

Alex said...

Kelli- THIS project is amazing. I love all the heart and love in this and how you honored all the Heros in your life. You also honored YOU. Thank you for sharing something so special with all of us.

Kim @ Crafty Pink Anchor said...

Wow this is so cool! I love how colorful your project is and how you represented all your heroes.

Alison said...

What a beautiful and meaningful piece! You, and all those represented in your piece would be honored and touched by what you have created for them. It's truly wonderful, and inspiring!

Laura B said...

I love this! This is just such an awesome project. Very moving.

Stempelientje said...

Bright and colourful!

Alaine said...

This is spectacular! I am so envious of people who can think like this and turn all of what they thought into something so creative.

Kathi said...

Oh Yay! I can comment now on how fabulous these are. I love how colorful it is and how you included the Bombshells.

Kicki said...

Wow, all the colors of the rainbow at once. I feel happy, doesn´t you?! :)

Hey Hey Paula said...

I love your project & how you honored all of your heroes. It's so colorful & uplifting. TFS