Monday, April 30, 2012

It’s here it’s here!!! Can you believe it! Today is the day for the Toxic Teen release on SBS! First though we have the last four images for preview today!!!

First up we have Mac:

sorry about the blurry pic. I ran out of time to retake it!

Now we have Tommy:

Now here is the thing about Tommy, I let the teens pick out his colors and papers because they just happened to come into the creative dungeon while I was coloring this set up and said some things like teens do, joking of course, and I popped off and said I can make any colors work together!!!! Well they tested me with this one but I think I pulled it off!!! Maybe that’s just me though!

Now Ms. Betty added some very special characters to this set by honoring Ms. Alison’s kidlings Nix and Rhi! Isn’t that cool!

Here is Nix:

Here is Rhi:

Now head on over and see what the other dolls have made for you and remember to head on over and snatch up this awesome new set!!!

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