Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Alter It

Hey Hey everyone!  We are back and know what were doing now!!! LOL  The Beyond the Burtonesque Dolls challenge blog is up and going!  We are now a bi-weekly challenge and our first one is today!  Those who enter will be put into an random drawing to be our GDT next month!  Awesome!!! 

This weeks challenge is to Alter it.  What is it?  What ever you want it to be!!!  Just alter something!!! 

My daughters best friend has a birthday coming up and I wanted to make her something.  My daughter is totally into smash books and art journaling so we thought it would be a good idea to make her friend her very own smash book/art journal.  Her friend is  very artistic on her own so we didn’t want to fill every page for her we wanted to let her do it on her own.  I made a cover and decorated the back adding a few things here and there in the book. 
here is the front of the book before I altered it!

this is the front cover after I altered it…

here are the first couple of pages done for her… just to give her something to have right away!

here’s the back cover….

Then I thought well now wait, smash books/ junk journals/art journals are full of stuff so I decided to go through my stash and gather some things for her to work with…

I added some envelopes and pockets to several different pages for her to stash stuff in…

I may add more things to it before we give it to her but for right now I am gathering stash stuff for her to use.  I am thinking she will enjoy it!

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