Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Bombshell Blog Hop

Hello Lovelies, it’s time for another Bombshell hop.  I know I know i have been missing in action a lot lately, that is a story for another day and another post which is coming soon I promise!  Let’s just say that it hasn’t been a very good couple of months and leave it at that!!! For now!
Anyway the theme for this month is Baby it’s cold outside… I made this wonderful pendant using an image from the All my heart set from bombshell… My version of a wonderful Christmas ornament I received this past Christmas!  Anyway, I am lying in my bed right now with not a picture of it in sight, why you ask, I’ll tell you. I can’t go up and down the stairs at this point in time and for some reason NO ONE can find the damn thing for me!!!  I digress though… luckily I have had my daughter stamp out some images for me and I have been Zen doodling on them while I have been unable to move!!!  So my image has nothing to do with the hop theme and that makes me very sad but I so wanted to participate and I did make something for the hop, it’s not my fault my damn back decided to go out on me!!!  Honestly it’s not!  Anyway  here is what I have been playing with while laid up in the bed.
and here is the rest of the hop list!!!!  Sorry I can’t get my picture to you right now!!!  I’ll show it as soon as I get to go downstairs!!!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Happy New Year

Hello Lovelies, I hope you have a very Happy Holiday and a Rockin New year...
It's been a tough month for me here, but that's another story... It has also been a semi productive time since I last posted. I got two online classes for Christmas this year and that makes me very very happy. I am taking the Book of Days class with Effy Wild and Life Book 2013 with Tamara Laporte and a plethora of other teachers!!! I am super excited about that!!!
I wanted to show you what I have been working on since I am going into surgery tomorrow and will not be able to post for a few days.... Well I prolly could but I am not!!!
First I made an ATC. Something different for me. I saw on YT Jenniebellie make a journal page like this and though it was cute so I decided to make an ATC replica of it....
atc Just a little whimsical play going on here!!!
Then I decided that I wanted to make my own journal instead of buying one for Book of Days (BOD)…  So I did it… and I liked it so much that I made a mini journal to carry around with me!!!  They are made from 140lb cold press watercolor paper folded in half (canson brand).  The cover is canvas I bought by the yard from JoAnne craft store… 
journalBig journal for BOD it is 9x12 so the watercolor pad was 18x24!
mini journalHere is the mini journal…. I can’t remember what size the paper pad was for this one but it was like 9x6 or a little bigger, not much though!!
Mostly I have been working on a new look for some of my art work!  I love to go to the thrift stores to find old metal things, anything I think will add textures..The Habitat for Humanity resale store is good for this as well!!!  I found some wicked sweet 2 part drawer pulls for $1 each!!!  I am going to use those on some canvas ideas I have!!!    Anyway, I did a personal swap, a 1-4-1 swap with one other person and so I was working in miniature with this one… I love how it turned out and one day I may do a tutorial on it but not soon… sorry guys! 
mixed media atcThis is just a watercolor ATC blank that I put pattern paper on(like dress patterns) some buttons and lots and lots of different small metal things!! 
I really have been busy just not busy on the computer!!!