Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Bombshell Blog Hop

Hello Lovelies, it’s time for another Bombshell hop.  I know I know i have been missing in action a lot lately, that is a story for another day and another post which is coming soon I promise!  Let’s just say that it hasn’t been a very good couple of months and leave it at that!!! For now!
Anyway the theme for this month is Baby it’s cold outside… I made this wonderful pendant using an image from the All my heart set from bombshell… My version of a wonderful Christmas ornament I received this past Christmas!  Anyway, I am lying in my bed right now with not a picture of it in sight, why you ask, I’ll tell you. I can’t go up and down the stairs at this point in time and for some reason NO ONE can find the damn thing for me!!!  I digress though… luckily I have had my daughter stamp out some images for me and I have been Zen doodling on them while I have been unable to move!!!  So my image has nothing to do with the hop theme and that makes me very sad but I so wanted to participate and I did make something for the hop, it’s not my fault my damn back decided to go out on me!!!  Honestly it’s not!  Anyway  here is what I have been playing with while laid up in the bed.
and here is the rest of the hop list!!!!  Sorry I can’t get my picture to you right now!!!  I’ll show it as soon as I get to go downstairs!!!


Kathi said...

Eek. I'm so sorry that you're literally laid up with back problems.

I love your Zentangling. It's fabulous.

I sure hope you feel better real soon!

Glittery Katie said...

Feel better hunny!

Alison said...

Awww, I am so sorry, Love! I think your project is awesome, even if it doesn't go with the hop theme. It's just so cool!

Caryn S said...

OK the Zendoodling is pretty awesome! Don't mind it's not necessarily in keeping with the theme, it's still worth sharing!

Sparkly Engineer said...

Sorry to hear your out of commission. Hope your back recovers quickly.

The zendoodled winged heart is fabulous. I think I may to give this artform a shot.

Kim said...

Ooooo that is fantastic artwork! I hope you are feeling better soon!

MaRyKaY said...

Wow weee that is beeeutiful. I just recently started trying out that craft and i can only hope to finish off something that good. I bought a couple books and some pens and seriously thinking about going at it fulltime for a while. You can really come up with some awesome designs. I have a hard time remembering the ones that are out there with names when I start to draw so i end up just making the while piece with my own designs. There are hundreds out there already named and all. Shwooo I can't remember them.
That piece is stunning. Very good
Thanks for sharing