Tuesday, March 5, 2013

30 days of Lists...

Hello lovelies,  I have been doing the 30 days of lists this month.  I had just been posting them on the flicker group but my friend Alison suggested that I blog about them so here I am... 

Now I cannot promise you that I will post everyday, but I can promise you all of my lists will make it to the blog!!!  Like today for example I have the first 4 days to show you today!! 

Day 1:  I am a lister because:
-Lists are fun
-If I don't write it down I won't remember
-It makes me feel productive
-It helps me realize exactly what I need/have to do
-I love to see all the things I am able to mark off my lists

Day 2: What makes me, me:
-I am a wife, mother, friend, sister, daughter
-I love to color my hair and paint my nails
-I am an Artist
-I am overweight
-I have medical problems
-I watch way to much TV
-I am a food lover
-I am a doodler
-I am addicted to my phone and facebook
Day 3:  This _____ I am going to____:
I chose to work on the month so:
This month I am going to:
-purge every room in my house
-jumpstart my exercise program
-kick the weight loss into gear
-have a date with my husband
-have a date with my children
-take the time to appreciate what and who I am
Day 4: On an average day I...:
-drink way to much Coffee
-play games on Facebook
-cook dinner
-pin things on pinterest
-enjoy my quiet time before the kidlings get up
-make ART
-take the puppies on walks
-spend as much time with the kidlings as they let me!!
Now I have been putting my lists into a small journal I kept out while packing...  I filled up my rolling crop thing a ma jig that I have with some art supplies to keep out while we were packing and moving this month!  I have my BOD in there and some things to work on life book 2013 with.  Mostly it's just watercolor crayons and pencils, color pencils, and soft pastels.. also so me stencils.  So my pages aren't very elaborate but i am loving how they are looking!!!  I will be back sometime later this week or early next with the next few days!!!  I hope you are enjoying!!


Alison said...

I love your lists so far. And your backgrounds are just beautiful. I love looking at your art journal. You really inspire me to work even more with mine.

Laura B said...

Your pages are beautiful! I agree with Alison, your art journaling is always an inspiration.:)