Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Hello lovelies!  It's time for another Bombshell hump day hop!!!  Now I am sure along the way you have seen some decked out Bombshells...  yeah your not getting that here! !  Nope...  I am the girl that would much rather throw on some jammies, curl up on the couch that get all dressed up and go somewhere... Not that I stay home all the time but it does make for a more comfortable evening!!!

So what did I do with my Bombshells to be Red Carpet Ready???  I dressed up my snack boxes of course!!!  I took my small icons from a couple of different stamp sets and stamped them with versa mark in on some popcorn boxes I cut using my cameo...  then I used antique gold perfect pearls to make them shine!!!!  Now as I can't have many carbs which means no popcorn I will be making a spicy mixed nut snack mix to snack on!!!

Sorry about the crappy picture,  I am posting from my phone because I thought I had another week but I was wrong...  my project had been made for a while and luckily I had this picture on my phone....  I will post the better picture as soon as I get home!!!
Now as I am the last stop head on back to the bombshell blobombshell blogg!!! 


Marnie said...

I'm totally with you in my PJ's which makes your treat boxes even more perfect! I love love love these!

BurningRubber said...

I agree. There was a time where I went out dancing every night, but now, I'd rather cozy up with a snack and veg out.

Michele said...

your snack boxes are fabulous! love it. xo