Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Wicked Wednesday ATC challenge AND Bombshell stamps Color Challenge

A Bombshell color challenge... Alison always picks awesome color pallets for us to use on our monthly color challenges and this month was no different, although a challenge for me kinda/sorta because of the bright colors... 
Well they are bright for me... So here is what I made following the Bombshell Sketch for this month...and using Butterfly Dreams from Bombshell stamps 

It's time again for another challenge!!!  Head over to the WWATC blog for all the yummy details... Here is what I made:

This cute little image is by Time For Tea

She was colored with copic markers and the background is made with Washi tape.  I wanted it to look like she was sitting in front of a wall/stack of books!!!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Today's Bento Box

Today's lunch consisted of hard salami, cheddar and Monterrey
jack cheese, graham crackers, gold fish and carrot sticks... The verdict when he got home... "My lunch was awesome today"..  That makes me happy!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

I has a Happy and I has a Sad

OK my Happy is that my son has finally decided that it is OK to take lunches to school again... I don't know why he stopped and I don't know why he preferred that food over food from home... healthier food from home... Just because they don't fry it at school doesn't mean it wasn't fried before it was frozen somewhere in the factory.....  anyway that is my opinion...  you don't have to agree...

So yeah my sad... MY BABY STARTED 10th GRADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So we are not doing your regular lunches either... my baby boy is fascinated with all things Japanese....  His lunch box is a bento box and we are making everything into rolls for lunch... which is OK with me as long as I know where the food came from!!!  So we started school on Thursday, which my sister the teacher says is a great time to start, and we made a  cream cheese veggie roll with some apple bites...

Now I admit it is not as pretty as the sushi bar, and didn't stay tight like the sushi bar, but for our first attempt I think it turned out quite well.... 

Friday we made a PB no J roll... I took my rolling pin and flattened out the bread, put the PB on and rolled... For some reason he doesn't like the J with the PB... IDK...  anyway to go with that he had gold fish, graham crackers, and a nectarine...

Friday, August 15, 2014

I Finally Did It!!!

For forever and a day I have wanted to go to Donna Downey Studios in NC... well I finally did it and not only did I just go I took an awesome class there... bonus I got to have a 3 day weekend to myself!!!

My class was awesome!!!  It was with Anna Dabrowska (Finnabair)!!!  By the way she is awesome!!!  It was actually 4 classes rolled into two days and they were great days, I met some wonderful ladies that weekend...

Here are the projects I worked on that weekend:

This is my new Finnabair Journal... Anna is very generous with her products in her classes!!

close up

My first page:  I usually do not like pictures of myself but this was a good one I think!

My new friend Evelyn let me use one of her photos because i didn't bring  variety like everyone else did... I didn't know!!  LOL  anyway my favorite movie ever is The Wizard of Oz so she let me use her image of Judy!!!  Thank you EVELYN!!! This is the 2nd page in my new journal!

A beautiful canvas we made, again with that picture of me!!!  Love the light colors because I usually don't do light colors!!!

2nd Canvas.  This image is from a new friend Ellie... I chose this one because of the intensity of her eyes!!!  

That was one wonderful weekend of art making!!!!  I highly recommend that you take a finnabair class whenever you can!!!  I also highly recommend that you go visit Donna Downey studios as well!!!!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

A day in the fog...

So a couple of days ago I told you of the things that have been going on and today I am going to show you a bit of how my husband and I handle stress...  We just get away from it all really, go on long drives up the mountain, especially on really foggy days so it feels like were alone... anyway one such morning we set out and I happened to bring my camera with me and grabbed what I think are some wicked awesome pictures...

We had to stop and look cause lord knows we need ANOTHER car cause 5 isn't enough!!!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Bombshell Sketch

Hey guys it's time for this months sketch challenge and this sketch is a cutie!!  You can see more of the DT takes on the Bombshell Blog.

Here is what I did:

 And while your here I wanted to show you my take on the August Pin up challenge...I sorta kinda forgot to post it last week.... So head over to the Bombshell blog and join in with us this month!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Where in the HELL have I been....

LOL  I know, it's been a while... Just a busy year and summer so far... lots of changes coming... which I will be posting about as they happen...

So what have I been up to lately... oh you know a little of this a little of that, a lot of freaking out... So as most of you know, or not, we retired from the Navy almost 4 years ago and got our "out in the real world stop moving all the time settle down job"  yeah that didn't last as long as we wanted it to... The company my husband worked for has decided to shut down the department he was working he and his counterparts are the only ones left and as of the end of august we won't even be there... sad I know... talk about freaked out... yeah I have been.  So the job hunt started again and now we have a new job, YAY WONDERFUL WE WONT STARVE OR HAVE TO GO NAKED, only problem with that is it is in IDAHO, Idaho Falls to be exact!!!  Well SHIT here comes another move... BUT wait........ Only the husband is leaving at the end of August... WHAT?????  I thought being a married single mother was done with... nope gotz to do it for another while... Which is ok because YAY JOB!!!

So  school starts in 2 days and I really don't want to move the boy kidling during the school year so he and I are staying here to finish the school year and dude is going to go to Idaho by himself for a while and find us a place to live and all that good CRAP that we have to think about now... but it will all be good in the long run, who knows my son may start talking to us again before he goes off to college.... just kidding, he's not happy but he knows it has to be done and I can handle not happy!!!  I am not happy either cause it takes me further away from the bestie and I no likey that at all!!!!!!

So you would think that would be all right... that's a big negatory good buddy... the girl kidling has decided that she wants to get married in December... yes this december... go figure!!!  So she and I will be planning a wedding now!!!  YAY for that.. I really am happy that she is happy and getting married to a really great guy it's just REALLY right now... At least I have something to take my mind off of everything else....

So that's whats been going on here.... hope your life has been good!!!!!!