Friday, August 15, 2014

I Finally Did It!!!

For forever and a day I have wanted to go to Donna Downey Studios in NC... well I finally did it and not only did I just go I took an awesome class there... bonus I got to have a 3 day weekend to myself!!!

My class was awesome!!!  It was with Anna Dabrowska (Finnabair)!!!  By the way she is awesome!!!  It was actually 4 classes rolled into two days and they were great days, I met some wonderful ladies that weekend...

Here are the projects I worked on that weekend:

This is my new Finnabair Journal... Anna is very generous with her products in her classes!!

close up

My first page:  I usually do not like pictures of myself but this was a good one I think!

My new friend Evelyn let me use one of her photos because i didn't bring  variety like everyone else did... I didn't know!!  LOL  anyway my favorite movie ever is The Wizard of Oz so she let me use her image of Judy!!!  Thank you EVELYN!!! This is the 2nd page in my new journal!

A beautiful canvas we made, again with that picture of me!!!  Love the light colors because I usually don't do light colors!!!

2nd Canvas.  This image is from a new friend Ellie... I chose this one because of the intensity of her eyes!!!  

That was one wonderful weekend of art making!!!!  I highly recommend that you take a finnabair class whenever you can!!!  I also highly recommend that you go visit Donna Downey studios as well!!!!

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Evelyn said...

Glad I had a picture to share with you Kelli! You did Judy proud! Your projects all came out beautiful! This was an amazing weekend and so happy to meet you, Kelli. Donna Downey's studio is impressive and she offers a lot of classes, those that she teaches and with guest artists. Everyone should go at least once.