Thursday, February 5, 2015


Still getting the house ready for the market!  Lot's closer but still stuff to do!!  Went through the garage this past weekend and took 7 car loads of stuff to goodwill.....  My husband might just realize that he shouldn't have left his garage for me to do!!!  BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Anyway been crafting here and there... have some stuff to show soon, on scheduled days.

Just checking in and letting everyone know I am still alive and haven't been buried under all of the stuff we have... How the hell did we get so much stuff..  seriously we just moved into this house 2 years ago...and before that we were in a rental for a year after retiring from the navy so I know I purged then.... I also purged a lot of stuff while we were in the rental.....  ugh... anyway it's not just me either... so that's a good thing...I think...

Ok gonna go for now, gotta get ready to skype with my man in a few!!!


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