Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Recap of past few months

Well the house is on the market and we have had lots and lots of looky loos but no offers yet, but I am not worried, it will sell when the time is right!!  Good news is, Hunter made it through school and I made it through the last 9 months without killing a teenage boy!!  Just sayin...  he's quite moody that one...   anyway, lets recap the last nine months of my life shall we...

Steven (that's the husband) left September of 2014 to start his new job in Idaho Falls... Hunter (that's the teenage boy who still lives) and I stayed in Virgina to get the house ready for the market and to finish the school year out.  Jewel (that's the daughter who is now married) decided that she wanted to get married to Bentrick ( that's the son-in-love).  Which meant I planned a wedding all by myself (well jewel helped with ideas but the actual pulling off of the ideas was mostly me) but it was fun and it kept my mind off of Steven being gone.  He got to come home for Christmas and the wedding which was awesome cause that was two weeks we had with him.  I purged the house of all the things we didn't need anymore, that was 15 kragen (which is what we call our Nissan murano) fulls of stuff off to goodwill and when I say full I mean I was the only one who could fit in the car in the drivers seat... all other seats were folded down and the kragen was full!!!  After all of that there was organizing the whole house to get it ready for showings.  Then the painting and staging and keeping it spotless and leaving for showings...  ummm selling a house is not the easiest of things to do... just sayin...
Jewel and Bentrick

 Cupcakes I made for the wedding

Bride and Groom with Brides family

Then came the ending of the school year and the decision to move from Virginia to Idaho... which now means the house in Virginia is empty and still on the market and I have a rental house here but the company that Steven works for is helping with that so it's all good!! So that was moving companies and packers and driving across country which was good because we got to stop in Louisiana and celebrate my in-laws 50th wedding anniversary with them!!! and see family.  We got our household goods on Monday the 15th of June and now the hardest part of moving starts...unpacking.  It's time like these I wish I had a genie on hand or that I was Molly Weasley and could just wave my wand and everything would be where it needs to be and that would be it!!!  but alas I am a mere muggle and don't have that ability!!
Night sky in Texas

Devareaux in Colorado!

Somewhere in Wyoming

Somewhere in Idaho

So now I am typing this and uploading pictures from the trip so that I can procrastinate and not unpack boxes but my procrastinating time is drawing to a close, I would like to finish the kitchen today so that we can have a lovely home cooked meal because I am tired of take out!!!
Idaho Falls

Fish Bench in Idaho Falls

New Town, New Hair, Same Old Me

Lava Rock

Oh yes there was arting time in there sometimes because I needed to keep up with my wonderful WWATC peoples but alas no blogging, because silly me thought that uploading them to our facebook group and the WWATC blog meant that I blogged about them on this blog... yeah told you I was silly, and I may have forgotten to mention that somewhere in that 9 months of everything that was going on in my life I may have lost my mind, not sure where yet, but I am pretty sure it is gone!!!

some of my Wicked Wednesday ATC (WWATC) projects!

a Little Art Journaling

and to top it all off I started participating with Listers Gotta List!

So now off to do more unpacking because the sooner I finish the kitchen and living room and office the sooner I can get into the art studio and get that set up so I can start arting again!!! 


Evelyn said...

Love your Finnebair inspired piece and your listers gotta list piece. Hope you are enjoying your new home!

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