Sunday, August 9, 2015

DIY Dry Erase Board

So in my house in Virginia I had an area in my kitchen that we painted with chalk board paint, and framed so I could write notes, the menu, anything really.  Well since the move I don't have that, and it's not my house so I can't and/or don't want to paint anything in this house.  Which means I don't have anywhere to write notes, or the menu, or anything really, so I decided to make one.  So what do you get when you have an abundance of contact paper because you had to line the shelves in the pantry because you don't know what the last tenants put in there, even after you cleaned it, and a 16x20 poster frame you had got from Walmart or somewhere?  You make your own dry erase board of course.  Not hard at all and quite a bit cheaper than a dry erase board from the store, at least around here anyway...  we looked at one that was the same size 16x20 and they wanted 20$ for it... my frame was on clearance for like $2.50, I think they are normally 5$ though, and like I said I have a lot of contact paper and I got that roll from the $store.....

Like I said, not hard at all, you cut a length of contact paper long enough to cover the cardboard that comes in the frame, wrap it like a book cover, then put the frame back together, and there ya have it!!! A DIY Dry Erase Board!!

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