Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Old to New(ish)

I did a thing y'all!!!  Like a super cool, at least to me, thing!!!   I took an old dresser I have had since I was in like 8th grade! and revamped it to use in my studio!!!  I mean this thing has been through a lot... Lots and lots of moves, a daughter who used it cause it would fit in her room, back to me and staying in my closet holding my lingerie, ok who am I kidding, it has 7 drawers and 4 of them are socks!!!  LOL

Anyway, I had been seeing all these PINs on Pinterest about people revamping old furniture without sanding and let's all be honest here, who in the hell wants to sand anything?, not me for sure!!!!

So I bought the primer that everyone said use, it was 20$ a gallon at my Lowe's, got the paint colors I wanted and had the hubby cart it off to the shop so I didn't have to paint in the house!   So here I go, taking off all the hardware and wiping the dust off of the whole thing then I start priming it, that's when I thought hey take pictures!!!  So here are the pictures I took the first day...

This primer stuff works pretty good, although because you didn't sand, you need like a gazillion coats, OK 3 but still that's a lot of priming!!!  Oh and use a foam roller for the love of sanity, use a foam roller!!!!!!!  So I got everything primed and let it dry, painted the drawer fronts in my color of choice, and then added a coat or 2, OK 2 , of white paint on top of the white primer on the main part of the dresser.....  took the hubby and the son to Lowe's to pick out new hardware for the drawers and some dinner!!!  YAY food!  Get back out to the shop only to realize that I didn't take those little feet off and prime or paint those... also the hardware didn't fit, was to small!!!

So hubby took the feet off and we started on those, realized that the hardware was to small and because of where I live and it being a Sunday night everything was closed... so I knew that I wasn't getting the dresser finished that night or that week for that matter since I would have to order hardware to get the correct length.... now about ordering hardware for my dresser that is 4 inches, cause the store doesn't sell that length.. do you know how expensive that shit is???  Like seriously!!!  So I decided that was not going to happen because let's just say three mortgages!!!  I went and found a can of metallic silver spray paint in the stash in the garage and also a can of primer + paint in white for the little feet I still had to do and went to town finishing it up!

  Isn't it cute!!!!!!!!  Now it's in the studio holding 12x12 paper because that's what I needed it for!!!

Now that that is all finished I would probably try the spray paint with primer or paint with primer first before I got the primer again, but since I have about 90% of that gallon of primer left, I will use it  to finish up the few other projects I still want to tackle in the craft room!!!


Evelyn said...

This looks great!

Evelyn said...

This looks great!

n1sunrider said...

Cute? This is awesome! You did a great job on this and such a great price.