Sunday, May 26, 2019

Go Play

Kelli here today bringing you a really quick and simple card made using patterned paper and  pre made frames!  Of course there are Sparkle Blends involved, I mean come on!!!  What's life without sparkle!!!!

I got these frames in a RAK but they are from Heidi Swap so I am sure you can still find them or some like them!!  I know that White Rose Crafts LLC has several frame choices!!The sparkle blends used are  Rosey Gold, Ocean View and Peacock Pizzaz!!  I just thought they all went well with the colors in the papers!!!  Now Ocean View is no longer available but you can substitute it with Aquamarine!!!  I am super sorry about that, I didn't realize it was gone until after I got the card together!!!  That's how fast these blends go peeps!!!  So don't hesitate in getting them!!!  The patterned paper line is from Authentique and is from the Radiant Collection

Limited Edition Sparkle Blends can only be found at White Rose Crafts LLC.  They also have a lot of other things you really really want!!! 


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