Friday, November 13, 2009

What was I thinking!!!!! Challenge

This is a challenge I issued over on JADS, come on over and check it out! While your there have a look around and join us on our forum!!!

Have you ever bought or kept something only to come back to it later and say OMG what was I thinking. That is what this challenge is based on!!! There is always something to keep wether it be from the recycle bin or the packing materials from a box you received to something in the $ bin that you just know you can do something with!

Your challenge now is to take something from the recycle bin or some packing material that you have received in a package and make a Holiday decoration out of it!

We have been remodeling our kitchen and there were these pyramid shaped spacers in the cabinet boxes. Well of course I said don't throw those away I can do something with them. Well I took some of them and made a mantel hanging for Christmas. I don't have pictures of it hanging on the mantel because it is done for Thanksgiving but hopefully you will be able to tell what it is from the pics I do have!

I took this...

and made this...