Monday, June 13, 2011

Part 4 of Franks Adventures…

Last time we heard from Frank he was totally bummed at the thought of closing his chocolate factory….
So Frank put on his thinking hat and continuously thought of what he could make out of chocolate that was new for the company but most importantly new for the world!  He thought and thought all over his long weekend and finally came up with something he knew was going to be great!!!
Chocolate clothes.  Now he wanted to start with women’s nighties so he did!  And wouldn’t you know it, they were a huge hit.  World wide success over night!!!!  He was so excited and so was the head chocolate man in charge, so excited in fact that he gave Frank another factory so he could produce several lines at once!!!! 
Frank was tickled pink at the idea that he now had two chocolate factories and that he had the number one selling line of chocolate and clothes out there!!! Every time he thought about it he got teary eyed!
Thanks for going with Frank on his roller coaster ride through the chocolate factory!  He greatly appreciates your support!

Made for:
The Burtonesque Dolls challenge

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amie said...

very well done !! i loved all 4 cards and the story line was great too !!