Friday, August 26, 2011

Forever Night Challenge 6 and Bombshell Tutorial!!

Hello Lovelies!  That’s a long post title isn’t it!  Well it’s what it says!!!  Forever Night Challenge 6 is underway and it is awesome!  Our sponsor this week is Paper Shelter and we had some wonderful images to work with!  This week we would like for you to create a miniature work of art.
You can make any of the following or something never thought of.
  • Tag
  • Card
  • scrapbook page
  • altered item
  • atc card
  • moo card
  • inchies, twinchies, thrinchies, etc
  • mini card
  • bottle caps
  • paper clips
I am sure you get the idea!
I was given the Creepy Cutie Pals to work with and came up with a cute idea for Halloween party goodies!!!  Especially when the teacher wants to have a healthy Halloween party… These are water bottle drink mix holders….
Please head over to the Forever Night blog to see what everyone else has made and enter our challenge!

Now on to the Bombshell Tutorial!!!
Shading with color pencils over Copic Markers
This is a tutorial for those of us not lucky enough to own the 17 gazillion colors of copic markers out there!  This is how we get to color like we do though!!!
Supplies needed:
Stamp/image of choice
Copic marker(s)* (I used BV02, G05, and E43)
Colored pencils*(I used prisma color pencils: Violet, Parma violet, grass green, and dark brown)
Low odor mineral spirits**
Blending pencils
memento ink
small jar with air tight lid(to put your mineral spirits in for easier use)
To get started, pour some of your mineral spirits into the small jar and make sure the lid is on tightly, set aside.  Stamp image with memento ink.
Next color your image with your copics making sure to get an even coat on your image. (I have just done the purple here.)
Next use your colored pencils to put your shading where you want to, or where you think they should be, after all it’s your picture…
Now dip the tip of the blending pencil into your mineral spirits.  (Just the tip, you can always dip it back in if your blending pencil runs dry)
Start rubbing your dipped tip onto your colored pencil marks and watch your lines disappear!
wicked cool huh?! 
Now here is my finished image.
*you can use any color pencils you want.. I have used Crayola, rose art, any old color pencil you have!!  I don’t know about other brands of marker as I only have these…if you try it with another brand of marker and it works let me know!!!
**There is a product called Gamsol that you can use for this also.  I like the low odor mineral spirits because it’s cheaper and does the same thing.  Gamsol is $6 for a couple of ounces and you have to order it online.  The low odor mineral spirits I use is $6 for a quart and I can get it at my local hardware store!


Laura B said...

Your drink mix holders are so cute! What a cool idea.:) Very cool tutorial, too.

Anonymous said...

Pretty insightful. Thanks!

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Sparkly Engineer said...

The bottle drink mix thingies are perfect for the kids party. Great idea.

I use the odorless mineral spirits too for my Prismas - much cheaper and same effect as the gamsol as you said

Kristina said...

Your water bottle drink mix holders ROCK!!