Friday, March 16, 2012

Bombshell Tutorial

Hello again lovelies, please remember to look at my other post today!  It’s Friday which means one lucky Bombshell gets to give you a tutorial/technique!  Today it’s me!!!  WOOO to the HOO!!

So as you all know I am a Pintrest addict, I admit it, and even if there were a 12 step program for it I am not sure I would attend it!!!  Anyway so the other day I am scrolling through and see these wine glasses with tealight candles in them and a lamp shade on it!  I think, huh, that’s pretty cool that would be awesome to do for an outside patio party, or a nice dinner where you just want to set the mood, you know or a way to use the 750 million wine/drink glasses you have because when you got married your sisters husband was an engineer at Libby glass and she took you shopping with his discount for one of your wedding presents!!!  Just sayin, I love my sister!!!!  :)  Anyway I digress, so I click on this pin to see what it’s all about and it is an advertisement for you to buy 10 of these little lamp shades for $15!!!!  I am not even gonna share the pin with you because that is just crazy talk right there!!  So I think ok I’m gonna google wine glass lamp shades to see if someone other than me tought it was redonkulous to spend that much money on something that I could make for ummmmmmm FREE!!!!!  Yep free, you know we all have stamp sets, we all have printer paper, we all have scissors, glue, and Vellum.  So anyway I google and come across several but they were all adapting real lamp shade to fit and that is all fine and dadny but not what I wanted.  So long story short I finally found a template here

Ok so on with the TUT!
Now quite honestly it took me 15 minutes after printing out the template to make both of these…I would suggest it you don’t want to worry about burn marks or soot marks that you use one of those battery powered tea lights.  I just can’t find mine right now!  I hope you enjoy!!!

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