Thursday, April 19, 2012

“Metal” Image Transfer

Hello Lovelies.  Today I have for you a small tutorial on a new to me image transfer.  Transferring images is not new to any of us I am sure but transferring images onto metal is new to me!!!  I used Collage Sheet 1056D Winged Women and Metal Sheets found here, a little fluid matte medium, some water, and finger power and you have a cool image transfer that can be used on anything!!! You can find more great project ideas on Altered Pages Blog!
Now pick out your image(s) you want to transfer.  I chose the two winged women in the top right corner for mine. 
cover your image in your fluid matte medium.  A good coverage as you can see here.  When you spread it around on the foil it will seep out and that is ok!  Turn your image onto your foil and smooth it out!  Use whatever tool you want to but make sure it is completely smoothed out on the foil.
IMG_1994 - CopyHere’s the kicker… it has to dry and you have to be patient with it.  No heat guns here….sorry guys, I know I love my heat gun too but this one has to be sat aside until it is completely dry all by itself!!  I had to wait overnight!!!!
Once it’s dry spray it with water and begin to gently rub the backing off with your finger!  VERY GENTLY!
Keep doing this until you have the image the way you want it!  I personally went a little to far but that is ok as it will work with the shabbiness of the project it is for so I am happy with it! 
There you have it!  An image transferred onto metal!!!

I have not completed project for you today as this transfer is in a long line up for a major project I am working on in my spare time! 


lisa aka b.creative said...

cool! thank you for sharing!

littlethings1 said...

I love transferring images like that & yes , the waiting is what is the hardest !!

Jean M said...

Love it Kelli. I will be doing a metal demo and will try your process for the group!

Croms' Cubby Hole said...

Love this idea Kelly, thanks for the great tutorial

MD said...

super idée

A Scrap-a-Teeny Girl said...

This is great Kelli! I just learned a bunch of transfer techniques in a class & I didn't know I could use my fluid matte medium! Also, what kind of print did you use? We were told that inkjet images don't transfer well & that taking them to be copied on a toner-based machine is best. Would LOVE it if this was right from your inkjet! Let me know! :) Becky

Kathi said...

Oh my. That's too cool for words. I love the images you chose and I love, Love, LOVE the way it came out!

Thanks for the tutorial.