Thursday, May 17, 2012

Recipe Re-Do

Hello Lovelies, today I am here with the beginnings of a recipe box re-do.  I started this box for my daughter a while ago and recently decided to re-do the outside.  It started out as a box decked out in things you would find in Paris because that is one of her fascinations.  The further along I got into the box the more I realized that the theme might not go with her kitchen as she gets older so I thought…. well everyone loves vintage, and if they don’t they should!  LOL..Anyway I started redecorating the outside of the box with collage sheets from AlteredPages, From the Kitchen with Love AP775D and Cookbook covers AP907D to be exact.  So far I am loving the look of it and want one for myself! 

A close up of some of the images I am using from these two collage sheets.

See the Paris theme I am covering…while it looked awesome I just don’t think it would last like the vintage styles would…I could be wrong but I like the new look!
Don’t forget to head over to AlteredPages to check out the kits over there!!!

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Sparkly Engineer said...

I'm with you. That altered box looks fab with vintage.