Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bombshell Hump day Hop

Hello Lovelies, today is the day for the hump day hop!  The theme this month is 3 Cheers for Summer and that meant that we had to use 3 of something on our project.  Guess what I did... I forgot to go back in and sign up in the forum like a silly person but the wonderful Ms. Alison, our hump day hop hottie, has kindly added me to the end of the blog roll!!! Thank you so much Alison!

Some of you are going to wonder why I chose the images I did when it's summer but hopefully my explination will clear it all up!!

Every year I am involved in dominoe ornament swaps mostly for Christmas but this year I am thinking of a Halloween dominoe swap as well.  Or something of the sorts.  So I decided to make prototypes for my dominoes.  I hope you like them and I will post information on the ornament swap as soon as I have them for those who might be interested!

So as you can see I used 3 different images on each of my dominoes.  Sorry the last one is blurred I thought it was just me....but I guess it's not! I am not throught with them...there will be varnish added but I didn't want to do that until I was sure these were going to make it through....If I don't varnish them I can reuse them....:))  Opinions would be greatly appreciated!!!

Here is the bombshell hop list and make sure you start at the begining!!

Kelli( That's me)


Stempelientje said...

Your dominoes are lovely Kelly!

Laura B said...

Very cool! I'd love to see how you make these sometime.:)

Mary G. said...

What a cool idea!!! These are fabulous, Kelli!!

Nicole Maki said...

I love that you used the witches hat and bat with the retro cowgirls skeleton.

Very inspired!

Great job!

Torrey said...

Ooooh, I'm totally digging your Halloweeny domino! Fun idea!

Rachael said...

I love how you're thinking *ahead* - I'm always behind when fall rolls around!

ElamDesign33 said...

Very nice, I really like the Halloween one a lot.

Kim said...

These are so cool! I especially love that Halloween domino.

Kathi said...

I just now realized that I forgot to visit your blog. Bad me.

So, I love both of your dominoes. The Christmas one is my favorite because I just love that teddy bear.