Friday, July 6, 2012

Some Like it HOT…..


I do NOT!   We were part of the 10 states that were without power for a while and boy was it hot!  I know it was hot everywhere and I am not complaining I just want to express my displeasure!!! LOL  No really we dealt with it the only way we could….we bought kiddie pools!!!!!  Yep sure did!  Not one but two!!!  Yes I said two!  I am telling you extreme hot and Diabetes do not mix very well not to mention the fact that eating out and diabetes do not mix…. It was not a pleasurable weekend or week let me be honest!  We were in the middle of a movie on friday night when all of a sudden then power was gone and we didn’t have power again until Tuesday night/Wednesday morning!  I know there are people still without power and that makes me sad for them.  Anyway I thought I would show you some pictures of the pools and how we handled the heat!


jewel poolThis is  my daughter Jewel showing her off her guns in the luxurious pool with the waterfall attached!!!


us in pool

Me, Steven and Hunter in the pool….Hunter is camera shy so no photo of his face today!!!


photo 2

We decided we liked the little pool so much we wanted to get one bigger….mind you my son now says our pool is so big he needs binoculars to see us in it!!!!  LOL  I love that my kidlings have a great sense of humor!!!

So there you have it…. We made it by sleeping in the basement and spending as much time in the cool water as possible….I really hope that those without power get it back soon!


Alison said...

I love your pools! My, how lucky you are to have 2! Looks like you all made the best of a really crappy situation. Love you guys!

littlethings1 said...

So glad you made it through! And looks like you had some fun along the way !! We were without power for three days ,but was Ina blizzard, ugh...not fun !
The Little Things