Thursday, November 19, 2015

Center Piece

Today is my final craft, my center piece!!! This is actually the first thing I have to get me in the mood to start decorating again!!!!  Ok now if you are a longaberger basket  purist please leave my blog now...  If you are a longaberger basket lover and don't mind them being altered then stay with me, if you have no idea what longaberger is then you are safe!!!  LOL  I started collecting baskets years ago, like lots and lots of years ago!!!anyway for a long time they just sat on top of my cabinets collecting dust, and whatever else decided to go up there, then during the preparations for the move they went into a box because clutter, even after we moved here they didn't come out of their box because this rental house has nowhere for me to use them....  soooooooooo I decided to use them for a centerpiece....  that being said this centerpiece involves hot glue, now you know why you need to leave if you are a purist.   Yes I did it, I hot glued longaberger baskets together to make a flower centerpiece!!!  Here it is, i will have more pictures on the final showing soon!!

you can barely see the third basket in the middle because of all the flowers but it is there, 3 longaberger baskets hot glued together with dollar store flowers and pumpkins!!!  Hey at least they are being used!!!! 

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