Monday, November 9, 2015

Fall Bannister Garland

Hey guys, so this is a first, not that I have stairs in a house but that I have this open space that just screams for decorations!!!  These stairs lead down to the finished basement that houses my craft area...  I don't say room because I have grown out of one room, ok well maybe not outgrown it but I have spread out into multiple rooms because honestly they aren't being used at the moment...  When we have guests I will clean them up and let the guests have them but right now they are all mine!   Except of course my daughter room... Her room is set up for when she and the son-in-love come to visit!!! 

So I thought this space needed some garland and I had some mesh and some ribbon and found this work garland at Hobby Lobby.  So you cut the garland into semi squares, I say semi squares cause I didn't measure anything...  I just eyeballed everything! 

So I love being able to leave the ties from a work garland or wreath exposed, I think it adds to the finished project, and it's one less step I have to do!!  Sometimes I don't have the right color to be able to do that, and most of the time, I am using left over pipe cleaners that aren't the right color at all, but this time I did and I love it!!! 

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