Monday, November 23, 2015

Happy Fall Y'all!!! Happy Thanksgiving too!!!

Hey guys, thanks for going on a decorating journey with me this month!  I greatly appreciate you!!  My house is all decorated and I am loving it, but quite honestly I can't wait to start decorating for winter!!!!!  Just wait until December!!!  BWAHAHAHAHAHA

Here is the walk through!!!  I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving if you are in the US and if not, have a wonderful day/weekend!!!  I am off to spend time with my loves!!!

This is the dining room table!  I got the little white pumpkins at the dollar store along with the bowls.  The chargers from Michael's, black because it goes with everything in my opinion.  The plates came from Walmart a million years ago, but they always have something!!!  The runner from TJMaxx!

Close up!  There are only 4 place settings even though I have 5 now but 2 won't be with us so the empty place setting is in remembrance of those that can't join us. For whatever reason that may be!!

Yes, Virginia, those are Longaberger baskets!!!  I know I know some would think it was crazy but hey at least I am using them, and can you believe the great flowers that come from the dollar store???

This is the buffet also in the dining room, with my little wooden guys, and I have more to paint now!!!  I am really loving getting back into what got me crafting in the first place, making decorations with my mom and sister!!! 

Front door, not much going on out there but the wind is crazy here this time of year!!!  I have rocks in the bottom of the pumpkins just so they won't fly away!!!! 

more dollar store flowers, love love love the variety!!
My wreath, I am super proud of this wreath!!!

grapevine pumpkins!  got from the craft store!  Sorry the picture is horrible!!!

again, I love that I can leave the ties from the work wreath showing and it looks like a decorative part of the wreath in my opinion!!!

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