Monday, November 2, 2015


Thank you everyone for joining me this past month and commenting on all my posts everyday!!!  You all are awesome!!  Now grab some apple cider or coffee or tea or whatever you want an get ready for some fall projects!!!

As most of you know, I have recently moved from the east coast to Idaho!  That in and of itself was quite daunting!  BUT,,,, somewhere along the way with the purging of the house to get it on the market and the moving, I lost some mojo and some decorations!!!  Somehow all my fall decorations disappeared!!  I don't know if they accidentally got added to one of the 10 goodwill trips, or what but they are gone.  So instead of going out and purchasing all new stuff I made a lot of things and am still making a lot of things!  

Here is the first thing I made, when I saw this patterned paper I had to have it and then I had this ugly pumpkin I got from the dollar general store and I didn't want to put it out but what choice did I have?  Until I decided to put them together!!!  This is the cute result of that, along with some old book paper! 

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