Monday, November 16, 2015

Wreaths and flower arrangements for outside

Yep, the title says it all, I have made a new wreath with the same things I used to make the garland and then I got some of the foam pumpkins, the smallest was from Michael's with a coupon of course, and the other two were from Walmart and still cost less than the one I got with the coupon!!  Oh well, they all worked out...  and Believe it or not all of the flowers came from the dollar store!!!

Here is the wreath, I  added some grapevine pumpkins to it to give it a little interest!  I will have a final post to show you where I put everything and how it looks all decorated in a few days! 

this is the wreath when I first thought I was finished with it!

this is the finished wreath that hangs on my door now!  

Now on to the flower arrangement in pumpkins!  I have 3 different sizes of them, you will see all three when I have the final showing!

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