Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bombshell Blog Hop September 2010...Back to School.. Time for Geography!

Hello my lovelies, I am so happy that you have joined me today! It is time for the Bombshell Blog hop again!! I am so excited about this hop, not only because I tried something new, but because I just am!!!

Here is what our lovely Ms. Kas had to say about this month’s theme:

Kids with their new colored pencils and cute backpacks remind me of how much I miss school….NOT.
But it did inspire this month’s blog hop. Please remember, if you can tie it into the theme…GREAT.
The theme for this month is Geography: Travel, foreign lands, exotic colors.
Maybe show us how your Bombshell would look if she came from an exotic land.
Maybe she would be traveling by motorcycle, or perhaps she would be a pilot.
She could even be a pirate avoiding scurvy and looking for an exotic date???

I knew I was going to make and ATC for this hop as I am getting ready for the 31 days of Halloween, I just didn’t quite color her the same way I colored the one for that!!! Anyway, I was all set to go on this ATC until I participated in the Practical Magic Party 2010. As I was checking out what my other blogging friends did for that hop I came across Susan. She is my new friend!!! On her post she displayed these chunky ATCs. Now I know mine are not exactly like hers mainly because, I don’t know what she made hers out of, YET, but also because if they are made out of what I think they are then I didn’t have time to set up the saw and get my wood cut. But so watch out for that in the future. Anyway, I took her inspiration and ran my own way with it. (Don’t be surprised if there is a tutorial about it next month!!!)

Bummer, I didn't get a picture of it standing on it's own, which it does and the camera is for some reason in my daughters room.  As it is late on a school night I guess that one will have to wait!

So what do you think? Cool huh! Thanks so much for the inspiration Susan!!!

Check out what the prize is this month:

Now off you go to see Meredith blog as she is next on the list. Thanks for visiting!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Smeared and Smudged End of Term DT Blog Hop

So sadly it's coming to the end of a wonderful term with some wonderful ladies.  I am sad to see some of them go but gladly welcome the newbies into the fold.  We didn't just want our wonderful ladies who are leaving us to just slip out the door unnoticed (as if) so we gave a very unique challenge to them.  The challenge is to use 3 different sets to create one amazing project! You can use as many images as you'd like, but you need to use images from at least three different sets!  Now as you know Smeared Ink has some freaking awesome sets going on! So I just couldn't wait for this project.  Unfortunately the original project I wanted to do couldn't be completed without a set I am waiting on.  So I had to switch gears late in the game and come up with a new one.  I quite honestly have to say I am loving it!!!  You will be seeing the original during the 31 days of Halloween.

How or should I say What does your garden grow?

Isn't that just the sickest garden you have ever seen?  I would totally have one of these growing around my house if I could!

Now the sets, I have used are Carnies, Grumpies, and Killer Bo Peep.  I think they go well together.  The colors were chosen by my sister while we were on the phone today.  She had no idea why I was asking her to name some colors that she thought looked good together and seeing as she is 1200 miles away she couldn't just come on over and pick them out!!!  I think she did an awesome job! Thanks SISTAH!!
Now off you go to see what everyone else has created! 

Come on over to Smeared and Smudged to find out how to join our 31 days of Halloween celebration!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Practical Magic Blog Party 2010

Well hello lovelies, I am so happy that you have joined me today!! I have been waiting for this day for a while now. I am totally in love with this movie and book, but my project is based off of the movie. As much as I love the Midnight Margarita scene I have to say that the book of spells and the Mantle decorations are what I am fascinated with the most. I do love tequila though!! Anyway, I decided to make my own book of spells. I had this old atlas that I got from the thrift store eons ago thinking I was going to conform and make a coffee table book, well then I decided that conforming is just not who I am, I just like the reactions I see on peoples faces when they realize, not only will I tell you what I feel and what I think, I will be brutally honest with you too! Anyway, back to the hop.  I just had to pull the movie out and watch it again, and again, and again, and again....ummm you get my meaning!!! My children watched with me too.  My son has declared that he want to live with the Aunts!!  He says he doesn't care about the magic, that's just a plus, he wants chocolate for breakfast everyday!!! I had planned on making brownies for this hop too but alas by the time they were made and I had found the camera and charged the battery, there was nothing but crumbs left...note to self, never leave brownies unattended when you have a house full of tweens and teens! So we decided that along with the book we would decorate the mantle as we love theirs with all the candles and apothacary jars the have everywhere.

So anyway, I took this huge Atlas and ripped out some pages and glued some together, cut some up…you name it I did it! I don’t even know if there is a map left in there… Oh well, I love the way it turned out!

So there is my book of spells, and here is how it looks on the mantle with all the decorations.  Yep those are jars full of chocolate candies, I couldn't have my brownies, but I always have chocolate on hand!!
and with the candles lit at dusk.
So off you go to see more than 200 projects/recipies/anything for this majorly huge blog hop!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

More Challenges!!

Hello my lovelies,

I hope this post finds you all enjoying your day as I am.  This challenge was issued from Ms. September Bombshell, the lovely Ms. Meredith!  This is the challenge she issued for us this month, and I have to say it is totally awesome!!!

"Rise to the Occasion" with your 3-D Creations!!

Please create any 3-D creation! I challenge you to let your imagination go wild and do your best to reach out of your comfort zone!!

Some suggestions of 3-D creations can be, but are not limited to, the following:

* Card with 3-D elements - paper piecing/images popped up on foam adhesive

* Altered art - journal, frame, box, tin, paint pail, etc

* Book Mark

* Art Journal page

* Scrapbook Layout

* Home Decor Item

* ATC's with 3-D elements

So here is what I made...

I used my new Tim Holtz Hanging Sign die for my Sizzix.  The words are printed out using the font generator that you can find on the homepage of Bombshell Stamps, and the skeleton is from the Retro Cowgirls set!  You will have to come back during the 31 days of Halloween starting October 1st to find out how I use him in my Halloween decorations this year!!!  There will also be a tutorial for him sometime next month!!!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Challenges Galore!!!!

This month on Smeared and Smudged we have a wicked sweet prize for the challenges.  We also have 5 challenges this month.  You can find them here.  So to win the awesome grand prize of the month you have to participate in all 5 challenges.  Which may seem like a lot but really, I'm making something anyway, why not make it for a challenge.  AAAANNNNDDDD  I so totally want the G45 paper packs!
Transatlantique and Fashionista

So in my quest for G45 paper I have been a busy little bee making things left and right!  The first project I want to share with you is the Guest DT challenge.  This month our Guest DT is Amberlee.  You can find her blog here.  She gave us not only a challenge but a tutorial as well and I must say it is awesome!!!  I love how she combined so many different elements to create one thing. If you haven't checked out Smeared and Smudged yet you are missing out!  It is a fantaboulous place to be.  If you like Alternative, Vintage, and Gothic Art Rubber Stamping then S&S is the place for you.  Even if you aren't "into" that type of thing, check it out, everyone needs new inspiration sometimes!!!

Ok here is what I created using Amberlee's tutorial for her challenge!  The first tag has the Water Nymph from Smreaed Ink stamped on it in black so that she blends in.  The second tag has the devil from the Cherry Bomb set from Bombshell Stamps

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Smeared and Smudged Member Blog Hop

Hello lovelies, it's time for the Smeared and Smudged Member blog hop.  So this month we decided to keep it simple, well that's what we thought anyway. Here is what we decided... " This time our theme will be: Orange. Incorporate the color orange into your project, or make an all orange project."  Sounds simple really, right?  Well for those of us(like me) who don't use orange in our normal day to day project making it could turn out to be quite a challenge.  It's not that I have anything against orange, I don't, I really like the color, it's just not something I think to pick up when I go to coloring on my images.  So here is what I came up with.  I used the Carnies set from Smeared Ink

Card Deets:
It's an easel card!  I have just recently found these cards, I know I am probably the last person in the stamping world to make one, but they are totally cool.  I used Stampin Up whisper white, only orange and basic gray cardstock.  Memento Tuxedo black ink andRanger procucts distress ink in Marmalade.  I colored her with my copic markers, E21, YR07, C-3 and C-7.

Now off you go to see what these other lovelies have made for us to enjoy today!

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Kapree http://www.kc-consultant.blogspot.com/
Black Dragon http://lynsblogger.blogspot.com/
Meredith http://www.papercanteen.com/
Jane http://jcocraft.blogspot.com/
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Lisa http://www.ldfdesign.blogspot.com/
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Lady Brayton http://ladybrayton71.blogspot.com/
Shelley http://shelleyscreations.blogspot.com/
Jean http://www.etsysdarkside.ning.com/

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Smeared Ink New Release Blog Hop!!!!

Hello Lovelies, it's time for another Smeared Ink Release!!!!  Oh my WOWZERS!!!! This release is huge and awesome! Smeared Ink Fall release will feature 5 brand new rubber sets, and a new line of digi images that will be available as sets or single images. They will be available in the shop on Sept 1st and rubber sets will begin shipping on Monday the 6th. Take a look at these awesome new stamps!!!!

Aren't those totally freakin awesome!!! The set names in order of apperance are:
Build A Zombie (rubber), Creepy Li'l Grumpies (rubber), As Death (rubber), Lonely Boy and Puff (rubber) Glam Vamps (digi), Quoth the Raven (rubber), The Patch (digi), Part of the Pack (digi), and Gargoyles (digi).  There is one more digi set that is not shown here as it was being tweaked at the time of posting, but it's just as awesome.  Also there will be more released throughout the month! 

I got to play with Lonely Boy and Puff and I was so happy about that!  As soon as I saw the set I knew exactly which image to use.  The one in the top left hand corner.  I looked at him and thought that he was being viewed from an old manor from either a window or a set of doors.  The more I thought about him the more I wanted to make this project!  I decided that I wanted to view him from the door so I built my own french doors, and yes those are black widow buttons!!!!!  The cracked glass in the doors just gives it that old creepy manor feel, at least to me it does. I wanted it to have the feel of being alone walking through an abandoned creepy old house and then opening these doors and seeing this ghost with his spider friend(who is also a ghost) in the graveyard.  Am I making sense?  Anyway, I also wanted it to look like he was floating towards you so he is 3-D. 
Here are the french doors that I made using foam board and covering them in patterned paper. With the little spider buttons, I mean door knobs!!!!
Here is Lonely boy and puff.  The image was stamped 3 different times to achieve the 3-D effect.  The moon is shimmery cause I used perfect pearls on it to make it so!!! I colored the whole scene with every shade of gray copic marker that I own!!!  Some shading with some purple copics, yeah I know purple, but it totally works!  My daughter took these pictures for me and I think she did a wonderful job!  The grass and leaves make it look like weeds growing up over the door!  Yeah I know the bright sunshine takes away from the eerie manor thing I have going on but honestly how else do you get good pictures!!! LOL

Ok, now off to see the other projects that out wonderful Smeared and Smudged Design Team have made with these wonderful Smeared Ink designs. 

If your looking for some wonderful challenges, or a new outlook on art head on over to Smeared and Smudged.  Smeared and Smudged will be adding in a new challenge called the Photo Inspiration Challenge, and in honor of this new challenge we will have a very special giveaway of 2 G45 paper pads: Transatlantic and Fashionista (you can include a pic if you wanna). In order to qualify for the prize drawing you must participate in all five S&S challenges- Sketch(one or both), Oh the Horror, Rock N Rolla, Guest DT Challenge, and Photo Challenge. Those who participate in all five during the month will be entered, and you can combine challenges if you want as long as you post your project in each challenge thread so it will be counted. Also on S&S, the 31 Days of Halloween, now if you followed my 31 days of Halloween that Terra and I did last year then you know  what this is about!!!  If not you can find it here and you will be able to find all the information and ways to participat by following the link about or clicking on the 31 days of Halloween banner on my sidebar!!!