Monday, June 6, 2011

Part 3 of Franks Adventures

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Hello Lovelies, last time we left Frank, he was headed to a private meeting with the head candy man himself…(add creepy dun, dun, dun, music here). 

As you may remember everything was going great for Frank, his company was number one, he was meeting his hero, every things was sunshine and rainbows!!!  Well  that is all changing…  You see, during this meeting Frank was told that although he was doing so well, because his factory was the farthest away from headquarters that unless he came up with something new and exciting to produce out of chocolate that his factory would be shut down!!!!  Now as you can imagine this left Frank feeling quite sad and angry.  You might even say he was feeling BLUE….
You also could say that he was seeing red when he found all this information out!!! 

He just couldn’t believe what he was hearing!  I mean how dare they threaten to close him down when he was the best and he had made his life long dream come true!!!!!!!!!

So Frank started thinking, and thinking, and it took a lot of concentration for him to do this, but he stuck to it.  The only thing on his mind was CHOCOLATE…
so here he is thinking and suddenly, he gets the most wonderful idea!!!!!……

Tune in next time for the idea!!!

Challenges Entered:
The Burtonesque Dolls-monsters have taken over the factory
Fab n Funky-anything goes
Paper Crafting Journey-Anything Goes and/or Use your Favorite something
DezinaWorld-choose something that normally has a specific color and then replace that color on your creation with some outrageous color instead
Stamp Insanity- SISC61
Stamp Something-use something digi
Catch the Bug Challenge- Anything Goes
Desert Island Crafters Challenge #9- Itinerary…#’s 2,4,5,and 8

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Skull appreciation day Blog Hop with Smeared Ink.

Hello lovelies! If you happened upon this post just by visiting my blog, thank you very much. If you want to participate in the Skull Appreciation Day blog hop, please start your hop here. If you are following the SAD hop, you should have come from Alison’s blog. My name is Jewel, and I am cajunstampingqueen’s daughter. A few days ago she told me about the Skull Appreciation day blog hop and I wanted to contribute my artwork into the hop as well! I started out with one painting, but in the end I wound up with two!
The first painting I did was a skull that I sketched out on a canvas. He has flowers and flower veins coming out of his eyes and head. He is silver and sparkly, plus he has an awesome smile. At first, I wasn’t too happy with this guy but with the help of my wonderful and creatively fantastic mom, she helped me find the beauty in what I tried to make in the beginning. IMG_0230
During the time that I wasn’t so confident with the first painting, however,  I started working on another one. He is a pink sugar skull, and he believes  that he is the king of everything! He wears a massive silver crown on top of his pink head! He is surrounded by  cut-out flowers in an assortment of colors, and he is very bright and festive.
My mom made a fantastic project! It’s so awesome that I would love it if she made me one as well! She used safety pins, silver wire, a few beads and skull heads and turned them all into one bracelet! It’s silver and gray, and the skull heads are little charms. They’re extremely charming if I do say so myself!
Her bracelet was also made for the Junk Funk challenge on the Smeared and Smudged forum.
Thanks for stopping by my mom’s blog, she and I really appreciate you. Leave us some love!!!! We have some wonderful sponsors today; Smeared Ink, Strange Skin, Delicious Doodles, Bringing up Salamanders, Black Dragon, Creepy Glowbugg Creations, Scentsy, and others. To find out what these wonderful companies are offering, please click here.
Now hop on over to see what Jane has made for you today!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Part 2 of Franks adventures in Wonka Ville!!!

Hello Lovelies, Last time we visited Frank he was super stoked, bubbly, and starry eyed about opening his very own chocolate factory!  As we join him now, everything is still going great. You might even say everything is Sunshine and Rainbows!!!

He’s popping out candy and goodies like there is no tomorrow!  As a matter of fact, he is number 1 on the new Chocolate factory lists!!!  That’s a huge honor! 

I mean just look at him, you can almost see this old monster smile!!!

He is even so happy that he has joined in on the fun over at the Haunted Design House  where they have a challenge going on…It’s all about EMO and he decided to do it big… E=edges(punched) M=Monster of course, O=Orange.  Now Frank could have just made a card with orange in it but he loves all his friends over at HDH so much that he went out and painted himself orange!!! That’s love!!!

Anyway, everything is going great at the factory and Frank here's the news that the head candy man himself is coming for a visit!!!  When he get’s there Frank is giving a tour when the head candy man says they need to have a talk…..

Tune in Sunday for part 3!!!

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