Thursday, December 23, 2010

On the 12th day of Christmas

I present to you....the last in the series of stocking holders!!!

YAY, I can quite honestly say I am so happy today is here.  I loved doing the 12 days of Christmas, but I am happy it is at it's end.  I want to thank each and everyone of you who participated.  Not only the bloggers but the hoppers also.  So thank you and have a very Happy Holiday!!!

Now as you all know I decided to make new decorations this year and started with stocking holders.  Well we are down to the last in the series and I can't wait to show you.  So here...

This images is also fromt he Candy is Dandy set from Smeared Ink.  Sorry about the picture though.  It is colored in the same blues/purples as the others but this one is covered in glitter.  Here is a pic of them hanging on the fireplace...

No we don't ever use the fireplace!  LOL Now please go an see what all the other Jolly Bloggers have made for you today and once again thank you for joining us on our 12 day journey!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

S&S DT blog hop featuring Tellen's Place

Hello lovelies,  Today we, the Smeared and Smudged Design team, are having a blog hop featuring images from Tellen's Place images. Tellen's Place is also one of our sponsors this month over on the Smeared and Smudged Forum.  I got to work with Gretchen, and she is just the most adorable little girl around.  As soon as I saw her I knew she was the one I wanted to work with!!!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE her!  Can you tell I like her???!!!???!!! 

So it being the Holiday season, I figured she needed to have some sort of Holiday spirit, I just couldn't convince Gretchen of that... So she is Bah Humbugging it today....I think it might be because I made her wear those "christmassy" colors.  Who knows. 

Now I hope that you hop on over and see what all my other DT members have made.
Black Dragon
Lady Brayton
If you notice a couple are missing, that's ok.  We know that they will return to us as soon as possible.  We send our love and positive thoughts to them and their families during their time of need.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

On th e11th day of Christmas

I present to you....A ribbon wreath that I made...

So your saying ok Kelli, you made a ribbon wreath, wooo hooo.  What the heck does that have to do with anything.   Well you should all know me well enough to know that I stamp on my ribbon!  So that is what I did.  Now this is short as I am already posting late, and for that I am sorry.  I totally thought today was a smeared ink day and as you know I already have my project for that, so I was working on my Tellen's place hop piece.  Well when I realized that it wasn't a SI day, I started freaking out that I wasn't going to have a project to show, then remembered that this little piece has been sitting on my mantle since the weekend after Thanksgiving!!!  Yep Imma Dork!

Ok here goes...

Enjoy and remember to head on over to the sidebar to see what the other Jolly bloggers have done for today!!!  Thanks for looking

Sunday, December 19, 2010

On the 10th day of Christmas....

I present to you...a Grumpie on a felt mitten.....

OK OK, I know I have to stop with the song, really, but I just love it!  So who else is feeling that time crunch to get whats left of there 700 page list done in a little over 5 days????  Is it only me?   Anyway, last time I promised you that I would show my embroidered grumpie(smeared ink) today so I am!!  I freakin love the grumpies!  I think all the decorations I make for my house this coming year are going to have a grumpie on them somewhere....that is if I recover from this year in time to make more things to decorate next year!!! LMAO  So like with my Bombshell, I cut a shape out of my left over felt and then stamped a grumpie on it.  In all honesty this is my 3rd grumpie, because I was trying to figure out which parts to embroider to make it look good.  In this case less is more!!!! 

So now I am off to start on page 500 of the 700 so that maybe I can be done(yeah right)(LOL)!  I wish you would go over to my side bar and contiue or start your journey to see what the other Jolly Bloggers have created for you today! 

Friday, December 17, 2010

On the 9th day of Christmas

Wow that was a long time in between Smeared Ink days!!!  Oh well at least we are having another, that's all that matters right!
Today we have the third in the series of four stocking holders, called Sugar plum Nightmares.  This might just be my favorite one yet....nah I like them all!!!

I totally love that little cherry skull on the top!!!!  AND who doesn't love ice cream?!?!?!?!?

So now off you go to see what all the other Jolly Bloggers have created for your pleasure today!  The list is on my sidebar...

Oh yeah and the Fae embrordery didn't work out, so I am now working on a Grumpie(Smeared Ink) that is looking pretty wicked right now!!!  I'll have pictures of him on the 10th day!!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

On the 8th day of Christmas

I present to you... more ornaments....

OK so I tried something new, and no it is not perfect, but I'm showing you anyway!!  LOL  I was making new decorative stockings to go with the new decorations for the year, cause honestly, red and white stockings, don't mesh well with sugar plum nightmare stocking holders!!!  So anyway, I got some felt and made some new ones that would look good with them.  The red and white ones will hold all the goodies!!!  Anyway, I had some felt left over, cause honestly I never get just enough, anyway, with the left over felt I decided to make more ornaments.  So after sewing a few mini stockings, and snowmen for the tree, I decided I needed to use the left overs a lot quicker, which of course meant bigger ornaments!!!  I have some holiday chipboard shapes left over from last year so I traced those onto the felt.  Then while cutting them out, I thought, why not stamp on them.  Of course I remembered that this went perfect with Ms. December Bombhsell's theme, for her monthly challenge, to stamp on anything but paper!  So I did!!  Then while getting ready to sew them together, I thought, why not add the thread to the image as sort of a semi embroidery since I already had the thread out and in the needle! 
So I totally know, as I said already, that it isn't perfect, but it's my first attempt!  Come on guy's give me a little credit for having the guts to show it!  I like it and so do my hubby and daughter.  My son on the other hand was like, ehhh whatever you want to do mom!!  LMAO
This is the back where I just stamped garland out of a Bombshell accessory stamp!

So now, I have a different shape in the works using Smeared Ink's Fae's stamp set!  I will totally be showing that one soon!

Off you go to see what all the other Jolly bloggers have made for your pleasure today!  Remember they are listed on the sidebar! 

Monday, December 13, 2010

On the 7th day of Christmas

I present to you.... Ornaments for the Tree.

LOL, now your singing that song in your head and you can't stop!!!!  That was part of my evil plan!!!   BWAHAHAHAHAH!!

No really, remember way back when (or so it seems), I said I was doing all new decorations this year?  Well that included some new ornaments too!  Sooooo  When Michael's had those clear glass ornaments on sale for 50% off I snatched up a few.  Paired them with some styrofoam ornaments I got from the $ store.  A little glitter here, some microbeads from Pennywise Arts there, some glue, a stamp or two, some fuzzy yarn and this is what you have!!!!

WOAH!!!  Sorry bout this one, I was trying to show you that the stamped images are on the inside of this one.  I stamped on that shrinky stuff.  Snowflakes of course!!!

So now head on over to the side bar and see what all my other wonderful Jolly Bloggers have created today, cause you know you wanna and you know your gonna enjoy it tons!!!!!! 

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Day 6 of 12 Days of Christmas

OK OK I know this is later than usual, but what can I say... Hey Hey Hey it's Fat Albert!!!, that's what I can say cause that is what I was watching last night with the kiddies that stopped me from posting last night!!! 

OK on to the project, to I am offering you a card that I played around with before I made my last project.  HMMMM lets see.  It has faux stitching on it that gave me the full gambit of emotions.  When I first did it, I was like Kelli this is firkin cool, then 1/4 of the way through I was like you dumb ass you should have used a sharpie pen, oh well there's nothing to do about it now...Then 3/4 of the way through, I was like OK maybe not a dumb ass, this is starting to look cool!  So that is why  I am posting it, cause in the end it started to look cool!!! Oh yeah and quite honestly it was supposed to be a shaker card until I stuck the top heart on and realized that the acetate was still sitting on the desk beside me..... yep not fully here at all!!!  It still looks OK though, it's just now one of those cool shaped mugs...

Hmmmmm, so now that I am looking at it again, I'm not so sure.... but hey whacha gonna do?!?!?!?

OK, head on over to my sidebar and click on all the other Jolly Hoppers names to go see what they have made!   I am pretty sure it will not confuse you as much as I did!!! 

Thursday, December 9, 2010

On the 5th day of Christmas...

Hello Lovelies, I hope your morning is a little warmer than my morning!!!!!  Today I have for you a card I created using Bombshell Stamps.  Now you all know that I don't stitch on my cards but something about this one just called for it.  Don't go thinking I hauled out my sewing machine for this one, cause you would be wrong, this card is hand stitched!!!  I started with some gray card stock as the base of my card.  Added some decorative paper and a piece of brown card stock and that is what I stitched together.  My pirate is colored with copics and the sentiment is printed out from the computer and then stitched onto brown card stock. This is also my interpertation of the Bombshell monthly sketch for December!  I'm not quite sure this is what Kathi had in mind when she made the sketch, but it's what my brain started screaming at me to make once we saw it!!!  You can find more detail on this months Bombhsell sketch here!  Also if you haven't already head on over to the Bombhsell blog and enter our follower contest! 

Before you do that though, hop over to the side bar and see what all the other jolly bloggers have made for todays hope.  Then hop on over to Smeared and Smudged to see all the wonderful new contest for December!!!!!  Ok so here is my card....

This card will also be used for challenges issued by:

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

On the 4th day of Christmas...

Hello Lovelies,

Today I am offering another look into the series I like to call Sugar Plum Nightmares!  I am totally liking this Candy is Dandy set more and more!!!  Smeared Ink has some wonderfully wicked and unique stamp sets!  Guess that's why I like them so much!!!  LOL  Much like the first stocking holder I made this year for day 2, I took an extra large clothes pin that I have had forever, painted it black.  Used some old holly leaves that are spray pained silver and here ya go!!!  A new stocking holder....wonder who gets this one...

I hope you enjoy my offering today and go off and see what all the other Jolly bloggers have made.  The list is on my sidebar.  I am sorry this was so short, but you know there's still lots of things for this elf to do before the big, yummy cookies, wrapping, lots to do!!!  I'll be back later so keep coming back!!!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Vote for me!!!!!!

I first found Bombshell stamps a couple of years ago through a friend of mine and former but none less loved DT member Terra. We were crafting one day and she mentioned seeing some new stamps. I didn't really think much at the time and filed the info away for later....boy did I get a surprise when I brought that info back to the front of my brain!!! One look was all it took, and Man's Ruin along with Butterfly Queen were on there way to me!!! I remember it was the first time I had used unmounted stamps so I ordered some blocks to go along with them. Shannon sent me an extra block in a size bigger than I ordered with a note saying that the one I ordered was the last in stock, and it had a flaw in it so she wasn't happy about that and wanted to send the extra. I thought, wow thats really nice, I love customer service like that!!! Although, to this day, I still haven't found the flaw she spoke of!!

I love to alter things, anything really. I recently told a friend of mine that the things she considers throwing away are the things I look forward to changing into something else!

Today I have made a card for Christmas in total non traditional colors cause that's just how I roll!!!! This card just shows one and all the we all need some good Holiday Cheer!!!!

So head on over to HERE and cast your vote.  The winner will get 2 free rubber sets and 2 digi sets!!!!  I would love those!!!  You do not have to be a member of the forum to vote, but if your not, why not join so you don't miss any of the fun!!!

We also have this wonderful contest going on over on the Bombshell Blog:
Welcome to the new Bombshell Stamps Blog! To kick it off and celebrate, we're having a "Follow This Blog" Contest! It's super easy to enter, and the winner will have their choice of 2 stamp sets (1 rubber + 1 digital)!!!

The contest rules are as follows:

1. Sign up to follow the blog by December 20th, 2010

2. Provide a post on their personal blog promoting the contest (current followers just need to add a post to their blog)

We hope you enjoy your visit and will come back often!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

On the 3rd day of Christmas

Hello lovelies, It's day 3 of 12 and I am so glad that you have joined me!  Today I am showing a lovely little card I made using a Hodgepodge shop digi!  Now I don't know how many of you know but I would just like to admit, Hello my name is Kelli and I am addicted to Snowmen.  My tree is covered in them, I have snowmen statues everywhere.  So when I saw this little snowman over at hodgepodge shop I could not pass him up!!!  So I didn't and now I get to share a creation with you!!!  Now the challenge over on the Hodgepodge Shop Challenge blog is all about birthdays this month.  Shelly, our fearless leader over there has a sister who's birthday is this month so she challenged the DT to make a birthday card!  Go on over and check out the challenge, what the other DT members have made and give the challenge a shot!!!

So here is my card, again it is part digital and part hand made!  I hope you enjoy!

Now don't forget to head on over to the sidebar and check out what all the other Jolly Bloggers have made for you today!!!

Friday, December 3, 2010

On the 2nd day of Christmas

So this year I have decided to do all new decorations, with a few older ones mixed in!!!  So when we decided to do a 12 days of Christmas I couldn't resist this set from Smeare Ink!  It is a Halloween set called Candy is Dandy.  So with all new decorations you need new Stockin holders right!  So I made some.  I am calling them the Sugar Plum Nightmare Series.  You will get to see them all, but one at a time of course!!!  I am starting with this lovely little cupcake stamp.  I used a extra large clothes pin, I got from Michaels sometime last year, painted it black and then attached the images from Candy is Dandy along with some purple and silver baubles and leaves.  I think it turned out cute!!!! 

Sorry it's blurry, I didn't realize until the sun had already gone down that it was!!! 
Now remember to go off and see all the other creations from my lovely bloggers! 

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

On the 1st day of Christmas

Hello Lovelies, and welcome to day one of The 12 Days of Christmas Smeared and Smudged Style!!!  I don't really know if the world is ready for that but as my friend Vicki likes to say, Put your big girl panties on and deal with it!!!!  Cause quite honestly there is not stopping us now!!!!!  My first offering for you is something I made for a Kenny k challenge a couple of weeks ago, but alas missed the deadline by a few hours, so decided to save it for now!!!  Look at me thinking ahead!!   It was going to be for the anything but square challenge but I am totally going to add it to some garland, or maybe make a sexy Christmas mobile out of it....hmmmm who knows!!! 

I used a chipboard shape that I had picked up from Michael's last year.  Stampin up ribbon, Picket fence stickles, and the patterned paper is from pink paisley.  The Kenny K digi is named Mrs. Claus. Isn't she a sexy bitch!!!!   Ok so now off you go to see what everyone else has made the blog roll is on my right sidebar.  Please check the post before this one for all the important information you need to know to win the awesome prizes up for grabs. 

Welcome to 12 Days of Christmas Smeared and Smudged Style!!!

Hello and Welcome to
The 12 Days of Christmas Smeared and Smudged Style!!!

Now if you were with me through the month of October then you kinda know what I'm talking about!  Several of my friends and myself are about to unlease our twisted minds on the Christmas world!!  Watch out cause here we come. 

 Wanna know what you can win and how to win it?

Here ya go....

12 Days of Christmas Merry Hopper

What You Have To Do: Hop through each of the 12 Days Blogs that are participating and leave a comment on each project.

The Rules: You must leave a comment on EACH participating blog every day to qualify for the prize drawing. Your comment should be about the project or something related (ie-no "Here's my comment for today" or "I'm here!"...these types of comments won't count!) If you miss a day or a blog, you will still qualify to receive a survival button, but will not qualify for the prize drawing.

Prize Drawing

At the end of the 12 days, we will be drawing for a fabulous free stamp set from Smeared Ink, along with some other goodies!  Each person who successfully completes the 12 Days as either a Jolly Blogger or a Merry Hopper will receive one entry toward the prize drawing. If you successfully complete both, you will receive two entries. (Meaning if you are a Jolly Blogger and you comment on every blog every day, you have successfully completed both)

Posting Schedule

Wednesday December 1st

Friday December 3rd (Smeared Ink Day)

Sunday December 5th

Tuesday December 7th (Smeared Ink Day)

Thursday December 9th

Saturday December 11th

Monday December 13th

Wednesday December 15th

Friday December 17th (Smeared InkDay)

Sunday December 19th

Tuesday December 21st

Thursday December 23rd (Smeared Ink Day)

Now I bet you are wondering what Smeared Ink Day is! They are the days that we are challenging you to use only Smeared Ink Stamps on your projects! This is not mandatory, but there may just be an extra entry for the prize drawings with your name on it for using only Smeared Ink stamps on those days!!!

Here is a list of the bloggers and  this will also be posted on my sidebar throughout the entire 12 Days process! 

Black Dragon
Lady Brayton

Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday

Hello Lovelies,

I couldn't resist posting this today!  I totally hate leaving my house on this day!!!  I mean I like saving money and all, especially since my kids are older and only want big ticket items for Christmas, but I am not about to go out there and fight someone for a laptop, or a DS, or anything!!!  I will not go to jail for hitting someone over the last tickle me elmo, or anything, but I will hit you!!!  JUST SAYIN.....  Anyway, As I am safe and warm in my house, still in a turkey coma and loving it!!  My SAINTS beat the cowboys!!!!!  WOOT!!!, anyway I just had to make this card!  It is mostly digital although I did hand color the KennyK digi with my copics!  I also wanted to make something for the Smeared and Smudged Sketch challenge so I followed those guidelines as well! 

I do have to say that if I was closer to my dad I would totally go with him "shopping".  He "shops" by sitting on the bench holding the bags and people watching.... I could totally get into that!!! LOL!!!
Hope you enjoy!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Smeared Ink New Release Blog Hop

Hello lovelies, it's that time again!  Time for another Smeared Ink new release hop!!! Today we are announcing the release of 4 new sets from Smeared Ink.  These sets are for pre-order right now and will be ready to ship on November 30th!!!  There are some wicked awesome new sets to chose from!!  I am working with the Occasions Grumpies today which is already released, I love the Grumpies sets, they are my friends!!!  Anyway, this Christmas Grumpie, is SO cute, and the saying, well lets just say, it says it all!!!

So the story behind my card, is that this grumpie got up and decided that today was the day to decorate the Christmas tree.  So between making sure the ornaments weren't broken, and  untangling the lights, there had to be some egg nog drinking going on(of course), and quite honestly who can keep up with the amount of egg nog that is being consumed simply because it is so good!!!!  So it is rather late now and this is the last string that needed to be untangled before going on the tree.  My grumpie completely forgot he already had his had on so decided to put another on.  His eyes are blood shot, but he swears it's not because of the egg nog(although he isn't really sure) but it is because of the glare from the lights he has been looking at all day!  Anyway, tis' the season for lots egg nog so here is my card!  Enjoy!

Now head on over and see what everyone else has done! 

Design Team Captains
Design Team Members
her's will be up later this week

Thursday, November 11, 2010

S and S November Sketches

Hello lovelies!  I think I have finally recovered from 31 days, although just barley!!  Today I have for you a 2fer!!!  I have a scrapbook page that I have created using the sketch from Smeared and Smudged November Sketch challenge.  AND what's the one rule at smeared and smudged that we must follow?????  Use a stamp somewhere on the project!  SO I used a very lovely digi stamp called Winter Chickadee from Hodgepodge stamps!!

This page includes  a couple of pictures from the very first Thanksgiving at my house.  We had just moved in earlier that year, so my dad and my sister and her family decided to come for Thanksgiving at my house!!!  It was fun, and you know your a grown up when your parent(s) come to your house for Thanksgiving!!!  Although, I have to say that was the only time they came..... must be the 1200 miles in between the houses that stops them from coming every year!!!  Oh well, by next Thanksgiving I will have yet another house (hopefully my last move) and maybe they will come then!!! 

OK, now I am off, I still have Smeared Ink, Bombshell, and more Hodgepodge stuff to do before Steven(hubby) comes home in 7 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, November 5, 2010

I did it!!!

For a long time, like a long long time, since I posted on the vent on Smeared and Smudged about that sandwich that my son and I ate that was so freaking good actually, I have wanted to start a new blog that really didn't have much to do with stamping.  That's not to say I won't post projects there but mostly just things that pop into my head at any given time.  So today, while on the phone with Terra, she convinced me to do it!  More like gave me a huge shove, but that is what I needed I guess.  We were just talking about things and both came to this when she told me of the one she just started.... It is absolutely freaky scarey how much we think alike... anyway, so she gave me a mission to have one started and going by the end of the day today.   So I do!!!  My new blog is called Ramblings from A Mentally Exhausted Woman I would love it if you came over and checked it out! 

Ok All you Smeared and Smudgers, and any others who want to join in!!!!  I talked to Terra today(duh already said that) and we discussed 12 Days of Christmas!  It's a go.  I am working out the schedule and all the detail and will get it posted by next week.  I do know that it will NOT be 12 days in a row but every other day!!!  I think that will make it easier.  So I will post when I have the details up on S & S!!  be on the lookout for it!

Talk to you later!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Hodge Podge Shop Blog Hop!!!

Hello my lovelies, Today is our first ever Blog Hop at The Hodge Podge Shop and I am very excited abou that! I would like to start off by saying that we have a very special guest designer joining us! We were all blown away by this guest designer when we first saw her art, it is amazing!

Here is what our monthly blog maven had to say about her!

We were all blown away when Linda shared with us the card her 10 year old daughter, Jessica, made and we just have to share it with you!Jessica is 10 years old and she is very creative! She loves making cards with her mother (our design team sister), Linda. She plays the saxophone in an orchestra and loves gymnastics and horseback riding. She sounds like one busy little girl, doesn’t she?
Looks like we have some competition, don’t you think? When you swing by Linda’s blog, don’t forget to leave some love for Jessica too!

Now here is what I made.  I took this wonderful digi of a barn and used my photoshop program to color it in!  I then took letter to spell out harvest on down the side and some twine on the bottom!!  It was my first time coloring with photoshop so please be as honest as you want when commenting!!! 

Our theme this challenge is Thanksgiving/Autumn, I thought nothing makes me think Autumn more than a cold day, with greyish/blue skies and an old barn holding the fruits of the harvest!  Hey, that's where my roots are!  Make's me wish I still lived in the country!!!  HPSchallengeblog is also have a month long blog candy give away so be sure to look for that while you are there.  Also please feel free to enter the challenges, they run for 2 weeks and you can win some awesome digis!!!

And now, on with the rest of the hop: You should have started at the Hodge Podge Shop blog, but if you didn't that's ok, Just continue on your way until you complete the circle! 

And will end at the Hodge Podge shop

There will be a winner at every stop along the way! Each DT girl will have a random winner of one of the beautiful Hodge Podge Shop images. Plus, some of our girls are offering blog candy, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled!
And don’t forget that the Hodge Podge Shop has moved! Make sure you update your bookmarks! The new address is: and this month, all images are priced at just $2.50 each!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I've got the Attitude!!!!

Hello Lovelie,

I have some news to share with you that has made me very excited!!!  I was given this by my lovely friend Kapree!!!  Thank you very much Kapree!

Now to qualify for this I needed to follow some rules:

In order to qualify for the $5.00 Digi’s With Attitude! Gift Certificate you must state 3 things that makes you different from everyone else and you must nominate 5 blogs.

So here goes:  Number 1:  I think the most important thing that makes me, well me, is the fact that I am very very blunt!  I tell it like it is, when it is, and what it is! 
Number 2:  I do not do cute, unless that normal person inside me gets out and creates something before I can beat that bitch back where she came from!!!
Number 3:  I quite honestly don't care what others think of me, I quite often say, if you don't like the way I look, what I do, where I come from or what I say, then turn around and go back where you came from.

Now for my  my 5:
Lady Brayton
Black Dragon

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Winners of the digi's from 31 days of Halloween

Hey ladies, First of all thank you all so very much for making this years 31 days of Halloween great!  I can't wait for next year!!!

Secondly, on to the winners.  The first place winner and 3 digi's, one each from Smeared Ink, Strange Skin, and WFK is:
True Random Number Generator

Min: 1

Max: 12



That's Danielle!!!!  YAY Danielle

The second winner for 2 digi's, one each from Smeared Ink and Strange Skin is:
True Random Number Generator

Min: 1

Max: 12



That is Stitchinwitch!!!  Congrats!

Ladies if you will please email me here with your email addresses I will get these out to you as soon as possible.  Just know that there may be a delay as there was a family emergency with Alison, but you will get them as soon as possible!

Thanks again for a wonderful Halloween month!  Can't wait for next year!!!!!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Day 31.... HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!

YAY!!!!!  It's finally here!  HALLOWEEN!!!!  I am so excited, but so sad also!  I really didn't want 31 days to end although I have a quite mushy brain from everything that has been going on!!! Today we have 3, yep I said 3, sponsors.  Smeared Ink, Strange Skin, and Wild Flower Kids!!!  There are no hidden images today, we will be picking 2 winners from all the commenter's today,randomly of course,.  The first number chosen will receive 1 digi each from all 3 companies.  The second number will receive 1 digi each from Smeared Ink and Strange Skin!!!  How cool is that!  So make sure to comment on everyones projects today!  I will announce the winner on November 2nd.  That give me time to recover from Halloween on the 1st!!!!  LOL  

Now before my project, I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone of you for helping Terra and I take 31 Days and make it huge!  I am quite sure that neither one of us thought it would get this big when we started it last year!  I know we both imagined it but were never sure that it would go this far!  It makes me happy that there are people out there who love Halloween as much as we do!!  Thank you so much and start stockpiling those projects for next year!!!!!

Now I said I was going to show you parts of my Halloween decorations.  Well here are my mantle pictures and my potions dungeon!  There could be more later, like tomorrow, because I ran out of time yesterday and the sun has to be just in the right spot to take creepy pictures that you can still see ya know!!! LOL

So here is the Mantle, it has been decorated since the end of September when I participated in the Practical Magic Blog Party 2010!

This is what it looks like on a normal day to day basis!

Here it is with my Book of Shadows added to it! Also more candles!
Close up of the front of my BoS, which used to be a big old Atlas that I altered!(more deets on the PMBP post)

The inside cover!

Where my spells and chants and information goes!

Candle light make everything look better!!!  Just sayin!!

Now welcome to the Dungeon!
Lovely place to brew potions!  You can click on the pictures to see them closely!  Notice all the cages I have new ingredients in!  Those came from the $ spot at Michael's   they were all different colors that I spray painted black!!!

I even have lovely potion's ingredients!

Some already made potions adorn the table!

Some empty bottles wait for the new potions I am working on!

I think I may have left these fresh ingredients trapped for to long!  Oh well, I guess it's a good thing that I need powdered skull in a new potion recipe then!!!

Remember I will hopefully be back later today or tomorrow with more pictures from the outside and inside but for now I must part!

Also to win the prizes from the sponsors today, remember to comment on everyone's post from today!!!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Day 30...adornments...

Hello lovelies, I don't think I found anymore of my non mushy brain but I did come up with a project I haven't shown yet!!!  Does that count?  Oh well.  Today I have for you two very lovely altered dominoes.  They are going to be part of a jewelry set I am making for a friend, but alas the set is not complete yet, so I am just showing the 2 pieces.  I again used the Quoth the Raven set from Smeared Ink!

I totally have to go and set up everything for tomorrow and take pictures so you can see everything!!!  I will talk to you later!

C-YA Tomorrow!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Tiddly inks digi winner....

is SUGAR!!!!!  Congrats sugar, please contact Alison for info!

Day 29...Nevermore Chunky ATC

OH MY GODDESS!!!!!!!!!!  It is the 29th of October and I am no where near finished decorating for Halloween!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I have so much to do!!!!!!  

Ok Welcome to today's rendition of WTF am I gonna make now!!!!  LMAO!   No really, I am all out of ideas, yeah there are gazillions more potions to make, but really I've already shown those umpteen times, there's cards, picture frames, lots of things really that I have already done!  So why not a Chunky ATC!  I found these little beauties back in September during the Practical Magic Blog party and although I don't make them the same way Susan did, they are still different than a normal ATC!!!  Anyway, I will be putting a tutorial up on Smeared and Smudged about these, sometime today!!! So for now, I used the Quoth the Raven set from Smeared Ink, black card, white cardstock, printer paper, and lots and lots of watered down PVA(elmer's) glue!!!Oh and a little distress inks as well!!! 
front view

side view

back view

the opposited of the other side, side view

see look it folds flat so you can store it with other ATCs!

Oh MY that is a horrible picture, but look it pop up to stand up on it's own!!!

K, now that you have enterd a mind that is somewhat confused and exhausted, please find your way out, cause honestly it's not big enough to support more than one at a time and right now I still occupy it!!!
Make your way to the sidebar for the list of wicked bloggers, leave me some love, go visit them, leave them some love, and then come back tomorrow where I may have been able to find a little more of my brain that is not mush!  Although, don't count on it!!!

No really!

C-TA Tomorrow!!